Vastu way Boy or Girl

Birth of a Male Child or Female Child through Vastu Way Please watch below Video for this Tip. It explains in what circumstances parents will have Boy and Girl or only Boy or Girl child. I have validated this tip with many of my clients and proved to be correct. Data Sample is small so …

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Ask A Question

‘Ask a question’ is a quick help to your most troubling problem. Ask 1 question that is troubling you a lot and get remedy for it quickly from Rohitt Shah Ji personally.   IMPORTANT: You have to select one number from (1 to 249). Number selection should be instant (and not pre selected) – for …

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Rahu and Ketu 2019 Transit – March 6 2019

Rahu and Ketu Transit is happening on 6th March and will remain in new house for 18 months. This will have effect on your own Rashi. To know more about this Transit and its effect on your Rahi,,, visit below Link. Rahu and Kety Transit 2019 – What this means for your Rashi  

Gomti Chakra: Benefits

Gomti Chakra may be a rare natural and religious product, a kind of shell stone.Gomti Chakra is found in gomti watercourse in Dwarka, a component of Gujarat in Asian nation.Gomti Chakra is additionally called Sudarshan Chakra because it resembles the divine weapon of Lord Krishna – the Sudarshan Chakra. it’s believed to bring luck and …

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