Common Vastu Tips for positive influence

  • Common Vastu Tips for positive influence
  • Keep main entrance free of clutter, clean, avoid keeping shoes, wash daily
  • Main door should open and close without any cracking noise
  • Main door and back door should not be exactly opposite to each other, never live in such house
  • Do not leave Bathroom or toilet door open
  • Do not grow tall and big plants in North or North-East direction
  • Fix leaking Taps in house
  • Do not have TV, computer or mirror in bedroom – these brings stress in life
  • Do not have clock or watches that are not in working condition
  • Never sleep with head towards North
  • Do not sleep under the column
  • Keep light glowing at the main entrance
  • Grow Tulsi plant in East, North or North-East
  • Avoid under storing Bed I.e. do not have storage beneath the bed
  • Have water fountain in North-East
  • Swastika on Main entrance enhance positive energy, so the lord Ganesh photo
  • Do DHOOP in the morning and in evening
  • While cooking face East, have cooking done in SE direction
  • Avoid water storage or sink close to cooking place
  • Table, chairs should not have sharp edges
  • Fixed OM or OMKARA or CROSS or half MOON and Star mark at main gate

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