Vastu Pyramid – does it really work!!!

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During my early years, I been through all possible rectification or to gain more positive energy. Out of those experiences, one that wish to share is Vastu Pyramid. At that time I did not have in depth understanding of Vastu science and like rest of you all we also wanted more positive energy, so you tend to opt for any Tom, Dick and Harry.

I consulted Vastu consultant and he advised me of placing vastu pyramid in almost all rooms. It has been few years well 6 years and my personal knowledge has improved on Vastu science. I did study of my house and noticed there was a no need of any Vastu Pyramid as my house has more positive vastu as opposed to what that consultant advised. Also have not noticed any significant advantage of such technique of using Vastu Pyramid.

From my understanding of Vastu principles and study of vastu pyramid do not see or have strong faith in Vastu Pyramid.

So fellows, be careful when someone advise you of putting/placing Vastu Pyramid because as of today I have not seen such positivity nor heard of someone who I know have experienced such advantage of vastu pyramid.


One Reply to “Vastu Pyramid – does it really work!!!”

  1. All west so my dear friend no go in side I west lot of time and money also all west so my brother don’t go in side

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