Home is where the heart is. No matter wherever in the world we stay from 7 star hotel to normal bed and breakfast but our heart is always at our home. It is the place to unwind, relax, dream, prosper and be healthy. Each place within house plays an important role for all family members. From Entrance, Sitting room, Dinning place, Pooja, Kitchen, Wash Room, Balcony or a Bedroom in a house, each plays an important role for each of the family members and for that it takes very careful and detailed planning. For an example, the direction in which you are sleeping effects your work ability and your private life. If your bedroom is not in appropriate direction, then you can have disturbed sleep, can feel restless, can have a frequent fight with your spouse, permanent health problem and can have a bad private life and above all no peace. We personally have experienced the health issue with our son and the whole reason for me to get more deeper into Vastu study. We have to take care of the following points while planning about the vastu of the each room and it's usage

1. Proper location of the sitting/dinning or bedroom in the house

2. Proper orientation of the house

3. The direction of the Entrance

4. The direction & placement of the windows

5. The direction & placement of the furniture

6. The direction & placement of the almirah

7. The direction & placement of the locker

8. The direction & placement of the dressing table in bedroom

9. The direction & placement of electric points, AC, cooler, audio systems

10. The colour scheme of the rooms

11. Location of washrooms

12. Surrounding of house, such as temple, roads, schools, hospitals, burial ground etc…

I always recommend that before buying a house, you do basic study of the house as it will play an important role in shaping up your future. Not only house but your business as well. We all notice that why certain business prosper so fast without any prior name or fame and some does not even move after years into business even having good products.

Why we feel so at peace at some places but not even if we are at top-notch house. Typical example is the place of worship, where we feel so at home but not at 7- star hotel. For me all these are because of Vastu and it's implication. No matter if you are in small house but you will be the happesit person than person staying in bungalow next door, that is because of the positive influence of vastu.

Now a days it is very difficult to have perfect vastu compliant house but with some rectification positive vastu can be achieved. Days are gone where major reconstructions were required, which is all due to deeper understanding and calculation of vastu and its the rectification techniques, positive vastu can be achieved without any major alterations of walls or rooms.

I always recommend to do some self study on Vastu as well case study and build your own trust before you go for any consultation.


Note. similarly Vastu principle can be applied to business, factories, offices to education and political establishment or town planning.


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