Three significant principles to lead a overall happy life.

Three significant principles to lead a happy, successful & grand life.

  • The Northeast zone of any plot should never be depressed, cut & rounded. The Southwest zone should never be extended/raised/protruded.
  • Any under ground water source e.g. well, bore well & Under Ground Water Tank etc. and hole, slope of the earth & floor should be in the North, East & Northeast zone only. Do not construct a septic tank in the Northeast zone.
  • The main gate of the building could be kept any where in East of the Northeast corner, South of the Southeast corner, West of the Northwest corner & North of the Northeast corner. The main door should never be in the East of the Southeast corner, South of the Southwest corner, West of the Southwest corner or North of the Northwest corner. Very Important – the main entrance should never be in the South of the Southwest corner & West of the Southwest corner, in any condition.