Use of Mirror in Vastu and Fengshui science

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In Next few blogs, i will be covering common themes between the Science of Vastushashtra and Fengshui.

Mirror in Vastushashtra and Fengshui

In ancient time Mirror used in battle ground to dazzle the enemies as well as to throw light into the caves or use to generate energy. So mirror may be good and bad as per their usage.

In both Vastu and Fengshui science, Mirror used to expand the size of the room or shop to balance the negativity as well to increase prosperity.

Similarly it should not be used in front of the gate as it repel the incoming energy.

It is highly recommended to use large mirror to enhance the luminous effect as it covers complete image.

Avoid placing mirror In front of leg in bedroom.

Never keep broken mirror in house as it reflect negativity due to un-uniform flow of energy and image, which is bed omen.

Never have Mirror in front of Stove but can be placed above on wall to reflect image of food which doubles the ready food.

If you have large tree trunk or electric wires or sharp object in front of the main gate then mirror can be place on front to minimize the negative Vastu or negative Fengshui.

Next blog will cover Main door in Vastu and Fengshui.


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