Numerology: Birthdate and typical profession

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Here are typical profession based upon your birthdate. How to find single digit number from your birthdate. Example – Add your birth date and find which number I.e. if the birthdate is 18 then total will be 1+8=9.

1. Leader, designer, film writer/director, new invention. They do not like second position, always prefer to be first.

2. Creative work, writer, research related assignments. High in imagination, idealism and dreamer, good executors of tasks.

3. Acting, teaching, journalist, counseling are best fitted to person with number 3. Stands for morality, justice with mercy.

4. Engineering, builder, programmer, machinery or real estate. Energetic, advancement are the key.

5. Editor, writing, publishing field . Restless, loves to move all the time, intellectual.

6. Social worker, medicine, cooking. Artistic, loving, warm, like able by all.

7. Science, mysticism, novel writer, clothing business. Individuality, original, independent, free bird and likely to break old traditional bondage.

8. Banking, Director of company, machinery related field. Determined, persistence, with purpose, ambitious and often successful in public eye.

9. Sports, physician, lawyer, solider. Strong determined, courageous, fighting nature, easily overcomes opposition, loves to control own destiny.

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