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Why Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. These basic elements are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vayu (WIND). Vastu Shastra can be applied by keeping in harmony with these basic five elements of nature and Mahavastu techniques are based on this fundamental science.

Vastu is a complete understanding of Direction, Earth energies, Geography, Topography, Environment and Physics; one also need to study articles i.e. pictures, statue etc…placed in buildings. The more we are becoming modern, increased comforts to laziness the more we are going away from our Vedas, true living standards thus facing all the problems in the life. Impulsive plannin, placing and unorganised architectural methods have led to the basic problem today. In all, Vastu is a bridge between human and nature.

One sometimes feels that in spite of having all the required resources for achieving success in the work field one is not getting the desired and deserved result and it should not be a surprise to oneself that it could be due to the fact that either one's office or factory is not planned according to the science of Vastu Shastra.

Similarly, one might feel that the wheel of family life is not moving smoothly and there is lack of peace, harmony, affection and well being in one’s family. One should get the architecture of his house examined and if need be modified as per Vastu Shastra, one is bound to expect good results and well being gradually and steadily.If you are a qualified and brilliant person and still not able to find a job or not able to run a business successfully, then you must go for a consultation. If at house you start fighting with your spouse without reason or your children not studying or not listening to you then you must go for a Vastu consultation. If you have health concerns or continue to mis-haps in life then possible reasons are imbalce of Vastu and one should go for Vastu consultation.

Vastu is not a religion it's a science of setting the things correctly and balance the five elements that is Earth, Fire, Water, Space, and Air to have the maximum benefit out of life. If your house or work place is violating any principle of vastu I.e. 5 elements, that is a Vastu dosh.

A Vastu dosh can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using regulators, symbols, metal strips or using some charged objects. Every vastu dosh has some remedy and if taken or calculated properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again. There are lots of myths about certain shape of land or plots such as having entry in NE or placing GaneshJi photo on entry door, all these brings not so desired results. By consulting Mahavastu Expert one can overcome many myths and bring such needed happiness and prosperity. Mahavastu techniques does not recommend any demolition like other normal Vastu practitioners suggest.

Mahavastu is tested techniques over 10000+ studies by Dr. Bansal and on every occasion he has achieved 100% resulted. Vastu can be used for every room, every house, every temple, every shop, industry, town planning, tour, cities and even for earth. Vastu can be used for micro as well as for macro level. Sun indicates light (illumination) will power, generosity, solar system, luck or fate, mobility and in body. It rules over bone, eye, heart, spinalcord, blood circulation and soul etc. Hence east direction is auspicious; it belongs to lord Indra. North is considered auspicious since magnetic lines of forced moves from North to South, thus origin of all the life.There are three forces in action to create harmony. Wind, water and fire or, vaayu, jal and Agni. If these forces are kept in their appropriate places, then there will be no disturbance. But if water is put in place of fire and wind in place of water or in any other combination, the forces will start acting accordingly and create disharmony and unpeacefulness.

Mahavastu works on these 5 elements to balance energies, once this is done one can start seeing results within days of its implementations. Faster results makes Mahavastu the most important way to carry out Vastu study.

Below image highlights basic placements of this 5 elements with their corresponding metal, color, lord and significant.

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As human we all have basic needs to survive I.e. Air and Water. So similarly there are 5 elements of Universe which plays an important role in Vastu. When I say Vastu it applies to house, flat, office, shop or factory.
I have noticed many conventional Vastu master do not apply or follow these 5 elements when studying Vastu or providing any Vastu correction method. By not following 5 elements study or application one cannot get desired results. If one cannot get results after following conventional Vastu suggest demolition of certain part of building which result in many staying away from Vastu.

Each directions have an elements associated as directed by Vishwakarma; the original founder of Vastu. These 5 elements are related to directions for an example: North presents Water element and so South presents Fire, East presents Wood and West Space etc… So when someone is not getting desired results in life that’s because imbalance of particular direction of the building they reside or do business. The imbalance means having Water element in Fire position etc… The imbalance can be in form of picture or color of articles that presents Water element in Fire direction. To get desired result of South direction one needs to clear out the water elements from South direction or one can introduce more Fire elements in South. Bottom line is that one does not have to demolish anything it is just. Matter of correcting or removing wrong elements.

This is very big subject and one needs greater understanding of these 5 elements. Once you study and understand this then your Vastu application can gives you 100% result without opting for any demolition in building of house, flat, shop or factory.

I hope this small article provides some insight into true Vastu study and it’s applications. Love to hear from readers on this topic so do submit your comments.

Here is sample image to highlights directions and 5 Elements.




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