Mahavastu is rather deeper or Micro level of Vastu. Mahavastu is to work on particular problems. Mahavastu techniques can be applied to Homes, Offices, Shops, Imdustires, Hospitals. Even my fellow MEs have applied to local THELA Walas to Tea Staller. This unique technique helps to find solution in shortest time period without any demolition. Balancing of the elements is the key study to find the solutions.

Some typical examples where Mahavastu used successfully:

  • – Receiving better opportunities
  • – To grow in career, promotions
  • – Removing obstacles in success
  • – Finding better job, business
  • – Getting support from Bank, Govt
  • – Fast money recovery
  • – More business success, growth
  • – Improving self confidence
  • – Controlling Anxiety and Depressions
  • – Marriage delay
  • – Avoiding sudden losses, expenditure, accidents
  • – Getting best out of your employees
  • – Better relationship with wife, family, society
  • – Non-recurrence of frequent accidents
  • – Improving savings, relationships to sex life
  • – Improving immunity, faster recovery from illnesses and wounds
  • So you name the problem and Mahavastu has solution.

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