Why design as per Mystic Science principles

Design Logos using Vastu, Numerology and Feng Shui Principles brings following:

1. To Raise the vibration of your logo and brand
2. To Energize your logo to become a magnet for opportunities and prosperity
3. To Optimize your logo for growth and success
4. To Increase your luck factor
5. To Synchronize your auspicious element with your brand
6. To Give you an advantage over your competitors
7. To Avoid negative subliminal influences
8. To Add value to your brand

Basic TIPs:

1. Card should be tearable.
2. Matter can be in capital/block letters.
3. Name of the card holder (individual or company) should be in red colour, preferably embossed.
4. Address to be in blue color
5. Telephone and mobile numbers as also email address should be in watery or fiery color
6. Monogram/logo should be in red color
7. All matter should be centralized
8. Central space of the card should be blank

Design depends on the type of your business – Manufacturing, trading, service provider, education etc.

If it is a partnership or sole proprietorship, use each partner’s – proprietors date, time and place of birth. To apply Numerology principles.

Logo Design
1. Avoid negative images and associations.
2. Colour is key. Enhance your logo with colours that are missing from the vibration of your company’s name; use numerology.
3. Use five elements sequence to enhance your brand – use the colour or shape of the element to represent the category of your business. Or use the control cycle and not cycle of destruction.

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