The week I won’t forget…

Back in Pune after spending 1st week of Sept with GuruJi in Udupi.

Last week was total mesmerizing week with AcharyaJi in Udupi. Learned so much about Mystic science which today’s world are so ignorant of. Our ancient science has so much power to make every individual’s life more balanced, productive and prosperous. Learned amazing techniques on how to make use of Ancient Indian science based upon Vastu and Vedas along with Chinese science on iChing and Fengshui. All this is simply by keeping in mind about constructive and destructive cycle of nature and it’s energy. I am sure many in India may not have heard about iChing but it is so powerful and accurate. It works on asking question and iChing provides present status and what holds in future. I did the test by asking question and it did provide my exact current state and what holds for future. I was very impressed with iChing and now I use iChing to help others.

Also came to know great case studies which has changed lives of so many individuals, business man and corporates with this mystic science. Have you ever heard someone in short span of time grown his business to 400% by implementing mystic science? It was true. Other study involves Mantras and Yantras, colors, numerology, shapes and how all this play biggest role in this Mystic Science.

Biggest learning on how corporate can get excellent results in terms better selling, productivity of their staff and hiring best human resource which can bring positive for employer and employees. This highlights in why most of Japanese, Chinese and Koran follows this principles in their business. We did in depth study of packaging, logos and visiting card and conclusion of same helped us see why some company failed to survive or grow to some becoming world renowned. SIMPLY AMAZING SCIENCE.

I know for many of you (as it was for me before I applied this science and experienced positive results in my life and as well others with who I worked and now Mystic consultant) this is a nonsense topic and do not believe but one advise from my side is give it a try before ruling out. I am sure your perception will change for ever.

I am so grateful to AcharyaJi for enlightening me further with more deeper studies on this Mystic Science and going forward how I can help others with this science. Every second spent with you was a new learning for me. I am ever so thankful for your ongoing support and guidance on my journey to this amazing Mystic world.

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