Here are the things one should follow:

  • Hang either a picture or a painting of a village scene on the WSW Zone
  • Place a statue of Yakshraj Kuber on a table in N Zone
  • Place 12 Galloping white horeses in NW zone of building, make sure they face the south direction

Growth in Business or Financials are governed by 

1. N ( North, Zone of opporunities)

2. NE ( North East, Zone of Clarity)

3. SE ( South East, Zone of cash liquidity)

4. SSE ( South of South East, Zone of confidence)

5. S ( South,Zone of fame and relaxation)

6. W ( West, Zone of Gains)

If all of these Zones are balanced, then a person will get good growth in Business and better financial stability. Based on this, I have suggested the above vastu remedies. 

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