No Financial Stability in Life…worry not…here are the Tip

Here are the things one should follow:

  • Hang either a picture or a painting of a village scene on the WSW Zone
  • Place a statue of Yakshraj Kuber on a table in N Zone
  • Place 12 Galloping white horeses in NW zone of building, make sure they face the south direction

Growth in Business or Financials are governed by 

1. N ( North, Zone of opporunities)

2. NE ( North East, Zone of Clarity)

3. SE ( South East, Zone of cash liquidity)

4. SSE ( South of South East, Zone of confidence)

5. S ( South,Zone of fame and relaxation)

6. W ( West, Zone of Gains)

If all of these Zones are balanced, then a person will get good growth in Business and better financial stability. Based on this, I have suggested the above vastu remedies. 

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2 Replies to “No Financial Stability in Life…worry not…here are the Tip”

  1. Pls explain how you actually impose the directions on your scaled house map. For ex. My house is 230 south west. Means the magnetic north is 40 degrees towards west. When I assign them zones from the centre, my entrance does not falls on south west .then it falls on west of south west. Is it right or wrong.kindly explain.

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