​Attached picture is the Yantra for people born on 1st aka total of birth date is 1. 

But not many know how/when and with what to write on. Without following this no one can reap the full benefit of this Yantra. 

Such Yantra many times should be written in ascending order or in descending order. Written on particular material i.e. Bhoj patra or silver or gold with certain ink and pen i.e. in asthgandha with Annar pen during particular muhurata facing certain direction. 

By following this rules one can reap the full benefits. So before you use Yantras of any type remember to follow above rules to have full benefits. One can also use these type of yantras to improve positivity of particular directions. This attached Yantra is perfect for East zone/direction. 

Please do share your experiences or feedback so we all continue to learn more.