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Over the years during my mahavastu consulting, I have noticed TOP 5 Vastu Dosha or Faults at many residential and commercial houses. Even if you are a non believer in Mystic science but I still highly recommend to check for this 5 doshas and avoid such properties. There are remedies for all types of Vastu faults and provides 100% results but for these 5 doshas some will work only 35 to 45% for an example: remedies for NE toilet can fix only 35% of Vastu Doshas. If one is residing in such dwelling then they may want to consult Vastu consultant.

Some of the remedies that I have applied which solved doshas and brought much needed success to my clients.

  1. Use of Colors to enhance zone, rearranging furniture/appliances etc…
  2. Use of Mirrors
  3. Enhancing supporting zone which fixed dosha zone.
  4. Use of 2D and 3D images.
  5. Use of Crystals. Many more…

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I been getting lots of questions/quires on Laughing buddha. Top on list of those Qs is where to place. 

To help all mysticism lovers Mystic Solution has written all about Laughing buddha includes meaning of different statues to how and where to place as well how one maintain same. 

I hope you all like this article and share your feedback. Also I welcome suggestions on how MS can further improve this site so help can reach to many lovers of Mysticisms. 

This post is shared, written by my friend Pankaj DubeuJi. 
|  *जानियें, चार-युग और उनकी विशेषताएं* |




*’युग’* शब्द का अर्थ होता है एक निर्धारित संख्या के वर्षों की काल-अवधि। जैसे कलियुग, द्वापरयुग, सत्ययुग, त्रेतायुग आदि । यहाँ हम चारों युगों का वर्णन करेंगें। युग वर्णन से तात्पर्य है कि उस युग में किस प्रकार से व्यक्ति का जीवन, आयु, ऊँचाई, एवं उनमें होने वाले अवतारों के बारे में विस्तार से परिचय देना। प्रत्येक युग के वर्ष प्रमाण और उनकी विस्तृत जानकारी कुछ इस तरह है –



*सत्ययुग* – यह प्रथम युग है इस युग की विशेषताएं इस प्रकार है –

इस युग की पूर्ण आयु अर्थात् कालावधि – 17,28,000 वर्ष होती है ।

इस युग में मनुष्य की आयु – 1,00,000 वर्ष होती है ।

मनुष्य की लम्बाई – 32 फिट (लगभग) [21 हाथ]

सत्ययुग का तीर्थ – पुष्कर है ।

इस युग में पाप की मात्र – 0 विश्वा अर्थात् (0%) होती है ।

इस युग में पुण्य की मात्रा – 20 विश्वा अर्थात् (100%) होती है ।

इस युग के अवतार – मत्स्य, कूर्म, वाराह, नृसिंह (सभी अमानवीय अवतार हुए) है ।

अवतार होने का कारण – शंखासुर का वध एंव वेदों का उद्धार, पृथ्वी का भार हरण, हरिण्याक्ष दैत्य का वध, हिरण्यकश्यपु का वध एवं प्रह्लाद को सुख देने के लिए।

इस युग की मुद्रा – रत्नमय है ।

इस युग के पात्र – स्वर्ण के है ।


*त्रेतायुग* – यह द्वितीय युग है इस युग की विशेषताएं इस प्रकार है –

इस युग की पूर्ण आयु अर्थात् कालावधि – 12,96,000 वर्ष होती है । 

इस युग में मनुष्य की आयु – 10,000 वर्ष होती है ।

मनुष्य की लम्बाई – 21 फिट (लगभग) [ 14 हाथ ]

त्रेतायुग का तीर्थ – नैमिषारण्य है ।

इस युग में पाप की मात्रा – 5 विश्वा अर्थात् (25%) होती है ।

इस युग में पुण्य की मात्रा – 15 विश्वा अर्थात् (75%) होती है ।

इस युग के अवतार – वामन, परशुराम, राम (राजा दशरथ के घर)

अवतार होने के कारण – बलि का उद्धार कर पाताल भेजा, मदान्ध क्षत्रियों का संहार, रावण-वध एवं देवों को बन्धनमुक्त करने के लिए ।

इस युग की मुद्रा – स्वर्ण है ।

इस युग के पात्र – चाँदी के है ।


*द्वापरयुग* – यह तृतीय युग है इस युग की विशेषताएं इस प्रकार है –

इस युग की पूर्ण आयु अर्थात् कालावधि – 8.64,000 वर्ष होती है ।

इस युग में मनुष्य की आयु – 1,000 होती है ।

मनुष्य लम्बाई – 11 फिट (लगभग) [ 7 हाथ ]

द्वापरयुग का तीर्थ – कुरुक्षेत्र है ।

इस युग में पाप की मात्रा – 10 विश्वा अर्थात् (50%) होती है ।

इस युग में पुण्य की मात्रा – 10 विश्वा अर्थात् (50%) होती है ।

इस युग के अवतार – कृष्ण, (देवकी के गर्भ से एंव नंद के घर पालन-पोषण), बुद्ध (राजा के घर)।

अवतार होने के कारण – कंसादि दुष्टो का संहार एंव गोपों की भलाई, दैत्यो को मोहित करने के लिए ।

इस युग की मुद्रा – चाँदी है ।

इस युग के पात्र – ताम्र के हैं ।


*कलियुग* – यह चतुर्थ युग है इस युग की विशेषताएं इस प्रकार है –

इस युग की पूर्ण आयु अर्थात् कालावधि – 4,32,000 वर्ष होती है ।

इस युग में मनुष्य की आयु – 100 वर्ष होती है ।

मनुष्य की लम्बाई – 5.5 फिट (लगभग) [3.5 हाथ]

कलियुग का तीर्थ – गंगा है ।

इस युग में पाप की मात्रा – 15 विश्वा अर्थात् (75%) होती है ।

इस युग में पुण्य की मात्रा – 5 विश्वा अर्थात् (25%) होती है ।

इस युग के अवतार – कल्कि (ब्राह्मण विष्णु यश के घर) ।

अवतार होने के कारण – मनुष्य जाति के उद्धार अधर्मियों का विनाश एंव धर्म कि रक्षा के लिए।

इस युग की मुद्रा – लोहा है।

इस युग के पात्र – मिट्टी के है। 

Three Different Kinds of Numerology.

There are many methods developed in calculating Numerology. But the three major forms of numerology in use today are the Kabbalah, the Chaldean and the Pythagorean. I use aspects of Kabbalah and Cheiro when I prepare and interpret charts; this method has brought immense success to my clients accross the globe.

Kabbalah (Hebrew Alphabet)

The Kabbalah ( which means knowledge that comes through the mind and soul rather than through a flesh and blood teacher) originated in Hebrew mysticism, and interprets only the meaning of the name. The Kabbalah was developed for the Hebrew alphabet, and therefore has only 22 vibrations ranging from 1 to 400. It was adapted for the Greek alphabet, then further adapted for the Roman alphabet.

Chaldean / Cheiro

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chaldean numerology was originally developed in Ancient Babylon (now Iraq), and combines Kabbalistic name interpretation with aspects of astrology. The 9 is considered holy and therefore is kept apart from other vibrations, exceptwhen it results as the sum of vibrations (e.g., from an individual’s name). In Chaldean numerology, compound numbers always used. Single digits represent the outer aspects of a person, while double digits reveal innerinfluences. 

Cheiro’s Method

Cheiro used his knowledge of palmistry, astrology, and numerology to spread the practices as well as making the predictions that gave him, his claim to fame. A number of his European and American clients were also famous, including Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Sarah Bernhardt. Chiero also held interviews with esteemed figures at the time, and included them in his autobiographical writings.

Numerology follows the single digits of 1 through 9. Cheiro’s method of numerology relates to names and how each alphabetical value has a corresponding numerical value.

According to Chiero, 1 corresponds with a, i, j, q, and y. 2 represents with b, k, and r. 3 is related to c, g, l, and s, while 4 is d, m, and t. 5 marks e, h, n, and x. 6 is u, v, and w. 7 corresponds with o and z, while 8 is f and p.

Each number and letter have a meaning. Cheiro’s method, like all other methods of numerology, are steeped in symbolism. Each number represents a string of letters or a date special to some person. Those numbers are broken down into symbols that represent personality based on planets and elements.

Dates and names gain significance through the search of what the future might hold. These methods would not be popular today if it was not for Cheiro’s efforts, so we should think fondly of and be thankful for that figure in the past that has allowed the present to dream in a more informed manner about the future.




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
J K*  L N P R
S U V*  W Y

The Pythagorean method was developed by Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and metaphysician who lived during the 6th century BCE. He was most widely known for his proposition that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

Pythagoras was as interested in metaphysics and spiritual development as he was in math, so it’s no wonder he joined the two disciplines. He studied at the Hermetic (after Hermes, messenger of the gods) Wisdom Schools of the Egyptian holy city of Heliopolis (later named Alexandria) and incorporated many of the same teaching techniques with his own students in Greece. For example, his students had to memorize everything rather than write it down. This approach is still used for geometry students learning theorems.

The right triangle was Pythagoras’ “Eureka” (which means “I found it”). The right triangle can also be used to symbolize the world of an individual and serves as the original basis for the numerological interpretation of the life pattern of an individual. Like the Chaldean method, Pythagorean numerology analyzes both name and date of birth, and the interaction between the two. The basic vibrations are 1 through 9, although the 11 (K) and 22 (V) are not reduced to a single digit because these are master vibrations.


Abracadabra is a less frequently used form of numerological interpretation. It is based on the subject’s name, and uses a series of triangles to arrive at numerical values that provide information about character and events.

New Kabbalah

A New Kabbalah has also been developed for use with the modern Roman alphabet. It, too, is based on name, and relies on Pythagorean methods to determine time periods. The New Kabbalah is concerned more with events than character. 
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We start our exploration by working out our destiny number.  This is generally regarded as being the most important number in Chinese numerology, because it reveals our purpose of life.  Most people have little idea of what they should be doing with their lives, and knowledge of his number, on its own, can transform lives.

There are twelve possible destiny numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,22 & 33.  Eleven, twenty two & thirty three are called master numbers and contain more power than the other numbers.

We determine our destiny number by adding up the digits of our date of birth and reducing the answer down to a single digit.  If when you reduce the numbers, the total comes to an 11, 22 or 33 you stop at that point.

Your destiny number is derived from your birth date.  It is the major lesson to be learned in this life, the central focus of the person’s existence.  Your destiny number is the road you are travelling.  It describes the opportunities available in order to learn the major lesson as well as the environment in which these opportunities will be found. 

The destiny number is at the heart of the core.  Visualize the life path as a broad channel or highway running through all the possible activities a person may encounter in a lifetime.  It tells you what you are really like, what you are fitted to do.

Here is an example.   Let’s imagine that we are doing a reading for a young boy born on July 22, 1993.  We construct a sum from his date of birth:

        7 (month)

      22 (day)

+1993 (year)




This man has a destiny number of 6
Here is another example.  A friend of us was born on February 9, 1964

        2 (month)

        9 (day)

+1964 (year)




and  1+9+7+5 = 22

As we arrive at 22 while reducing, we stop at that point, rather than reduce it still further to a four.  This is because 22 is one of the possible destiny numbers.  Our friend’s date of birth illustrates another point.  We need to ensure that we create a sum, rather than simply adding across, so we don’t lose master numbers.  If we add our friend’s date of birth in a straight line, we got the following:

2 (month) + 9 (day) +1 + 9 + 6 + 4 (year) = 31 and 3 + 1 = 4

As you can see, by adding in a straight line we lost the master number.  In practise, we usually add up the numbers in our head, but if our answer comes to a 2,4, 6, 11. 22 or 33 we will double check by creating a sum on paper
Meanings of the Destiny Numbers

Each of the Destiny Numbers has a specific meaning.  In this chapter we learn how the destiny number affects our life.

Remember….For each of 1 to 9 numbers there is an association of Planets…

1. Sun

2. Moon

3. Jupitor

4. Rahu OR Dragons Head

5. Mercury

6. Venus

7. Ketu OR Dragons Tail

8. Saturn

9. Mars

​Numerology is the science of numbers… a method of character analysis which uses the numbers of names and birth dates in an attempt to solve the age –old question “who am I”

Numerology can be used as a practical method of understanding your deeper nature; your talents and the life goals; your hidden characterics, opportunities and challenges. It offer insight and describes the cycle you experience during the course of your life and offer guidance in career, romance and prosperity. In short, numerology is a self – help tool, providing a way to gain greater insight and understanding into your inner being and true nature. There is recorded evidence of numerology’s use ten thousand years ago- it was in use in our ancient cultures of Greece, China, Rome and Egypt.

Numerology embraces the belief that the individual centers a given life by choice, at a certain time and into a certain environment that will give him an opportunity to further evolve in consciousness. Numerology gives us as opportunity to be more aware of ourselves, the talents we have, and the pathway we choose to use these abilities.

For each of 1 to 9 numbers there is an association of Planets…

1. Sun

2. Moon

3. Jupitor

4. Rahu OR Dragons Head

5. Mercury

6. Venus

7. Ketu OR Dragons Tail

8. Saturn

9. Mars

So our destiny revolves around as planet changes its position. 

More to follow…

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