Vastu Vs Fengshui

Vastu & Fengshui key differences if you really wants to separate each science.

Many of you have asked me what are the key different between Vastu and Fengshui. Being a practitioner of both Mysticism I do not see any difference if one understand key attributes and how one zone get affected by other.

Check out the table for understanding…

Direction Shapes Attributes Vastu Element/Anti Element Fengshui


Some of the Key Benefits* Best For*
North Wave Opportunity / Career Water/Earth Water If you want your children to concentrate on study, the best placement of their desks is in north. Middle Son
North-East Square Spiritual/Well-Being/Knowledge Water/Earth Earth Ideal for meditation, temple as well as placing money Retired couple/ Youngest Son
East Rectangle Social Connection/Family Air/Space Wood It needs to be well taken care of when one expects business prosperity and development of his or her projects. Optimal location of the eldest son’s room.
East-South Rectangle Cash Flow/Wealth Fire/Water Wood Keep it clean cutter free to keep Money flow Eldest Daughter
South Triangle Fame/Relaxation Fire/Water Fire Artistic energies flows Middle Daughter
South-West Square Love / Marriage Earth/Air Earth Improves relationship Head of the house/ Mother
West Round Gain/Profit/Children Space/Fire Metal If you want to gain anything, this is the direction Youngest Daughter
West-North Round Support/Banking/Travel Earth/Air Metal When you need support, use this direction Father/ Newly married couple
Centre Square Health/Well-Being Earth/Air Earth Keep it open, clutter free

* Denotes disclaimer: Some of the key benefits as well as ideal place for family member. One will only benefit when the zone is fully balanced and no negative colors/theme is there. Also personal hardwork also require to reap the full benefits. These are time tested so surely to yield results.

Please do share your experiences in either of science.


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