Based on your birthdate, carry these items with you to be on winning seat during important meet or wants your wallet always full.  Try it for few days and see the changes. Love to hear from your experiences – please do leave comments and like the page.

Other Items one should always keep in Pocket are:

  1. Gomti Chakra: Promote health, happiness and wealth for your family. One of the loved items by Godess Laxmi. Also wearing a ring made in Silver consider to bring prosperity, good health.
  2. Sea shells – Contains all the vibrations of the universe and also associated with goddess Laxmi, when kept in your pocket promote good health.
  3. A few rice grains, if kept in your pocket will promote abundance.
  4. Silver Coin: You should also keep a silver coin in your pocket — this will make you prosperous and will also promote good health
  5. Photo of Godess Laxmi: A picture of Goddess Laxmi in a sitting position with her 2 elephants is said to bring in health and prosperity for you when you keep it in your pocket. One should also keep in SE direction of House/Office
  6. She Yantra: Keeping small Shree Yantra also brings prosperity, happiness.

Other items one can keep is Peepal leaf, lotus seed, small piece of Silver/Brass

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Note: After placing remedies one may experience more negativity which is normal and one should continue with remedies as after 5-20 days one will start seeing positive results.