Number 18 is associated with bloodshed and death. Number 18 brings riots, wars and natural calamities/disasters.

Some of the City which has Numro Number 18

KASHMIR=18; we all know what has been going on in Kashmir for so long.

SRINAGAR=18; Same as Kashmir

GUJARAT=18; The state GUJARAT also comes under number 18. It had suffered from several natural calamities, (Note the date of the first major earthquake, it is 26.1.2001) communal riots and political disturbances resulting in loss of lives and peace.

AMRITSAR=18; Has so many British law passed by person of number 8 or on date adding to No 8; Rowlatt Act, Crawling Act. Jalliwala Bagh massacre.

BOMBAY:18; There are many positive and negative stories associated with Bombay. Main economy hub of India, Greta film industry based in Bombay. Now recent change to Mumbai=19 will bring more name and fame to the city.

Other Cities that has name changed

  • Bangalore=29 to Bengaluru=33
  • Madras = 15 to Chennai=25
  • Calcutta =25 to Kolkata=20
  • New Bombay = 33 to NAVI MUMBAI=31
  • Mangalore=31 to Manglauru =31
  • Cochin =24 to Kochi=18
  • SAKET=24 to AYODHYA=20
  • Umravti=24 to Amravati=19
  • Gurgaon=27 to GURUGRAM=27
  • Banaras = 15 to Varanasi= 20

Countries that changed name for better or worst

  1. CEYLON = 24  now known as SRILANKA=18. During old name it was known for its Tea garden and exporting to rest of the world. Post name change it has had fair bit of bloodshed, Disaster etc…
  2. BURMA= 15 now known as MYANMAR = 18. In old Days Burma was exporting Rice and Rubies to the world. Post becoming Myanmar it has started importing Rice.
  3. Siam= 9 to Thailand=24
  4. Persia=20 to IRAN=9

One can study the past and present of the changed name cities or country.

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Name Of India in History Numero Number
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