Month: November 2017

Mystic Product: Money Magnet

Money Magnet Bracelet was designed after careful studies of Gemstones properties and using crystal energy along with numero number to create the ideal combination. We believe that this design is to bring wealth and prosperity into your life. It is made with the most powerful crystals (Malachite, Citrine, Amethyst etc…) for money and growth. Number …

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Vastu Facts: Staircase

There is an old Myths that staircase in premise should be clockwise (CW); yes it should be but only in negative directions and not in positive directions such as North/E/SE where Anti Clockwise (ACW) is more beneficial. Proven case studies on simple remedy to fix staircase. No demolition require but with simple use of spring …

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Ayurveda Dosha and Vastu

Understand how health issue can be related or track to specific zones of your dwellings! By identifying Ayurveda dosha one can check mentioned Vastu zone for imbalances; balance the zone and get much need relief on health issues.