Our Vastu Guru Rahul KaushalJi (Occult Master) and Mystic Solutions has designed few picture images that can be used in particular directions by all irrespective you get Vastu done or not.  There are scared mantra etched (written) on each of the images. These pictures are by default given to all Vastu consultancy paying clients.

Images will help in following areas:

  1. Ensures healthy immunity
  2. Flow of new opportunities
  3. Gains and profits
  4. Ability to have positive churning before your actions
  5. Attract Prosperity, Wealth
  6. Strong relationship/bonding and skills development.

We at www.MantraTantraYantras.com giving away hard copy of these images digitally printed on high grade A3 size photo paper along with notes on exact direction to place them. All images are ready to use without any further modification from user end. One only need to stick them with double sided tape.  Full set is free, we are only covering printing and courier costs and no profit to be made. Our motto is to bring benefits of tried and tested Vastu enhancer/remedies to wider audience.

Cost of all these 7 images would be INR 550 + actual postage/courier cost based on address location.

If you wish to have these set of images then send us an email with exact address and number of sets require. One can also gift to their loved ones.

To Place an Oder:

eMail: MysticValues@gmail.com OR

WhatsApp: +7776034447

Payment Mode:

  • PayTm
  • Direct Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • PayUMoney



Thank You

Mystic Solutions; http://www.MantraTantraYantras.com

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