Numerology: Power of Numbers – Testimonial

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Testimony of client in USA:

Power of Numbers

Client from USA shares her experience of Numerology consultancy provided by Mystic Solutions, This lady lost her job few years back and been jobless since. She has spent $100s if not 1000s of Dollar for Vastu consultancy by so called Vastu expert but resulted in not much changes but got new problems.  She got in touch with me through my blog and engaged  my Numerology consultancy, did her Numerology report, suggested few remedies like change of her name, few changes in house and Mantra to chant. Post making changes very next day she got a Job interview.  Now she wants to do Numerology for her husband and brothers new born child.

Time to change your Destiny with Numbers.

Call us  (+9049410786 OR +7776034447) or drop us an email (


Numerology Client Speaks




Rohitt Shah (B. Eng., CSM)

Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist

Lal Kitab and iBazi consultant



Call: +9049410786 OR +7776034447




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