The Mantra that gives “Everything to Everyone”

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This Moola Mantra is by Dr. Pillai; who claims this to be very effective.

The Mantra that gives “Everything to Everyone” ….
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This is the most powerful mantra that Dr Pillai have revealed to you. It came directly from Vishnu, the Protector God.
This is the mantra called the Moola Mantra, the fundamental mantra. You will be protected from diseases; from pain and aches, suffering; from financial problems; from ignorance.
You should RECITE this mantra as often as you can. Do it in the third eye and in the midbrain. It will be very powerful.
At other times, you can recite it wherever you are and whenever you have time. You can use the mala beads or rosary beads, and you can chant this mantra.
You will receive miracles. Others will receive miracles. The entire earth plane and the other realities as well, will be saved and will receive miracles through this mantra.


Watch Dr Pallai’s Video


Rohitt Shah

Vastu Achary, Master Numerologis and Lal Kitab – iBazi Consultant.

WhatsApp/Call: +7776034447 OR 9049410786





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