I was an Engineer and been working with MNCs for 20 odd years before starting Vastu OR Mystic consultancy full time. I got into this Mystic science because of positive effect it had with us. My Son used to fall sick quite often ( every 2-3 Month). During this time I met friend KP and he introduced me to Vastu. We followed the advise and got positive result. After changing room where my son used to sleep, he did not fall ill. So rest is history, Since then I started studying more and more about Vastu and other mystic science through books, videos, conferences, live class coaching of world famous Mystic Gurus and then met my Guruji in Uddupi, who is having great knowledge of 26 different Mystic science, from Vastu to hand writing, face reading, signature analysis etc…he continue to be my inspiration.
Since 2004 I started studying and practising about Fengshui and Numerology as both subject fascinated me and have gained positive results. Recently I completed BaZi to grow Rich course and practising same. I have the knowledge all 4 Mystic science and thought of sharing with rest of the communities who may also benefit from this.  I also provide full time consultation. Further reading about me.
If you want me to study your house plan or lay out then do share details. I will be happy to study and give suggestions. Do send email at contact@ivastugyan.com.
Online Mystic Shop: www.MantraTantraYantras.com
Disclaimer: The suggestions given here on this websites/blog are from the study of mix subjects and personal experience as well as of clients, friends and family, but I cannot guarantee it will work for you as detailed study is require of your problem areas, house, office, shop, hotel or factories etc… further reading on disclaimer.