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‘Ask a question’ is a quick help to your most troubling problem. Ask 1 question that is troubling you a lot and get remedy for it quickly from Rohitt Shah Ji personally.
IMPORTANT: You have to select one number from (1 to 249). Number selection should be instant (and not pre selected) – for it to give accurate results.
Question Samples:
Will I be successful in Interview?
Will I win the case?
Will I get the Job/Loan etc…?
Will I pass the exam?
Will I win the competition?
Is it good time to travel Abroad?
Will I get the Visa?
Is this a good time for me to start my own business?
Shall I buy Shares(stock)/Gold etc…?
Which field is good to get success in Career / Study ?
Will I go to abroad for Studies / Job ?
When will I get Married ?
When will I get a good Job ?
When will I have a child ?
Consultation to wear a Gemstones ?
Is there any Mangal Dosh in my Kundali ?
………and many more questions comes in your Life, which are unanswered, YET.

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