Biggest Vastu Dosh OR Faults

Over the years during my mahavastu consulting, I have noticed TOP 5 Vastu Dosha or Faults at many residential and commercial houses. Even if you are a non believer in Mystic science but I still highly recommend to check for this 5 doshas and avoid such properties. There are remedies for all types of Vastu faults and provides 100% results but for these 5 doshas some will work only 35 to 45% for an example: remedies for NE toilet can fix only 35% of Vastu Doshas. If one is residing in such dwelling then they may want to consult Vastu consultant.
Some of the remedies that I have applied which solved doshas and brought much needed success to my clients.

  1. Use of Colors to enhance zone, rearranging furniture/appliances etc…
  2. Use of Mirrors
  3. Enhancing supporting zone which fixed dosha zone.
  4. Use of 2D and 3D images.
  5. Use of Crystals. Many more…

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