CASE STUDY: Why things don't work out !!!

Builder build nice apartment block with all amenities or have plot in very posh locality but there is something that prevent selling of these properties. Recently two client consulted me for buying property.
CASE STUDY ONE: One client wanted to select and purchase one plot out of two available in very posh locality of Pune. Size of plots around 4400 and 4600 SqFt and are adjacent to each other with perfect Vastu shape and slope aka… slope in N and East while hill on South and Western side which makes Vastu perfect plot. Client wanted to purchase the bigger plot but wanted to make sure Vastu is good so consulted me for Vastu.
So visited the site and I measured directions, positivity/negativity, is this suitable to buyer and GeoPathic stress of both plots. Even though both plots are having common wall but one plot was having all positive results while second the bigger size plot was showing negative results and not matching with client. I gave my report to client and suggested him not to purchase the bigger size plot due to negative results. Also told him that same plot may be going through lots of deal but in the end no deal – which is what has been happening as per client – there were many buyers in past but in the end deal did not happen. While the smaller size plot just came into market and already attracting offers.
CASE STUDY 2: Here client wanted to purchase a 2 BHK flat in upcoming area of Pune where pricing are rising every month.
So same testing was carried out on both properties and again found similar readings where one building/flat very positive to the client and other one is not. I also told client that flats in one particular corner side of the building is most likely not sold because of so much negativity. I was so right, when I asked care taker of that particular premise he said flats in that particular corner are not sold. Even they got cancellation on booked flats.
I highly recommend OR MUST have following checks before buying premise:

  1. Positivity and Negativity of flat/plot/building/shop etc…
  2. Check if the dwelling will be suitable to purchaser or not
  3. Measure Geo-Pathic stress
  4.  Does plot meets basic Vastu
  5. No toilet in NE of the premise.
  6. No near by slum, temple(s) or cremation/burial ground – all these places carries lots of negativity.

For other checks and remedies Mystic solutions is there to help and guide you. Yes, Mystic Solutions can resolve the problems that are highlighted in above case studies. In past many such cases had been resolved.
If you have any questions OR feedback please do get in touch with us at Mystic Solutions.
This is the typical Sample Kit that we use while measuring several aspect of Vastu. So far our records remains intact.
Mystic Solutions -Vastu Sample Kit

1 thought on “CASE STUDY: Why things don't work out !!!”

  1. Received following Questions on my recent post on 2 case studies.
    1. Is there remedy to remove negativity?
    2. I don’t live in Pune or wants to purchase property outside Pune and visit to site not possible so can you check if its good property to buy?
    Ans 1: Yes there are remedies to remove negativity. Only negativity which cannot be removed if it does not match with buyer. So far I have 2% cases where property did not match purchaser and I had said NO.
    Ans 2: In ideal scenario it is better to visit site but yes, remotely we can check negativity by dowsing and it does gives results. Only thing one needs to be careful is directions, slopping of plot and surrounding.

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