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Why Chandni Chowk OR Tulsi Baug OR Oxford Street is so famous and most if not all big or small shopkeepers earns well and demands high rent? For that matter why only few street(s) in particular city have booming business irrespective of economic condition of country or in the world.  Here are the study of few such streets.

1. Chandani Chowk – Delhi
2. Oxford Street – London
3. Regents Street – London
4. Mayfair – London
5. Tulsi Baug – Pune
6. Laxmi Road – Pune

7. Boat Club Road – Pune

Why study of these streets only? Because I personally have visited these streets plus they been listed as most expensive or highly sought after areas.

Why so Successful: When you do gridding these street(s) with Shakti Chakra one will find entry aka roads coming from zone 3 and 4 or either of one. To reconfirm this theory we opened Google Earth and gridded the streets with Shakti Chakra and BINGO … 3 roads that are coming to Chandani Chowk all are from or either zone 3 OR 4. Similarly you will notice on other famous streets. See screen shots.
Entrances plays one of the very important role in prosperities of the areas and same can be true for house, shopping malls, residential project, factories and shop(s). Once you get right entrances then one can work on internal arrangements.  If your premise have wrong entrance then same can be close off with color or metal strip without blocking the In-Out function.
Mystic Solutions will be happy to provide consultancy to your projects or existing dwellings.
Mystic Solutions
Vastu, Numerology, Fengshui, BaZi profiling and Astro consultancy

Now a days we have seen Vastu practitioners in every corner of the street but having one with proven track record is hard to come by. As we all know there are many different Vastu Practitioners with different styles of working and suggesting remedies, some works and some don’t. But there is one method, Mahavastu, which brings results faster with simple remedies. Our GuruJi has success rates of 98% and remaining 2% he admits that he may lack in the knowledge to fix.

In Mahavastu, it is very much important that client meets prerequisites (such as to the scale floor plan, exact challenges etc…) to get the effective and faster results. Without meeting prerequisites it will take time to get the desire results.

Mahavastu consultant are bit expensive to consult but they are sure to get you positive results. But one rather spend few extra rupees then continue spending on many other things which does not bring any values.

Here I am sharing few case studies of my colleague Neena Ji and others who has worked on most frequent problems that client fasces.

There are 1000s of such positive cases studies but these are most frequent so sharing here. Below case studies shared by our ME colleagues (Neena Arora and others). Reason for sharing is to highlight how Vastu (MahaVastu) is helping clients with simple yet effective remedies. Results are faster.  


1. Case Study – Frequent Accidents

 “Hello all!

This is a story of my client who was having frequent accidents for last 4 years and was fractured the same left leg every time. While doing changes in her house, she again met an accident and the same thing happened once again…fracture in her left leg. This was 4th time I believe.

As I visited her house few days back only, when all required zones were already balanced… I asked her whether she cleared her SW of all scrap or not that I advised her to do ASAP. She told that she forgot to do that. I asked her to check if there is something broken in that scrap. She confirmed that there was a chair with broken left leg lying in that scrap and it was there for around 4 years!!

Result: Its really a strange and interesting fact! This incident happened in 2015 february and since then the lady is fine. No such accident took place after that. “

2. Case Study – The Lady conceived after 8 years

The couple had no child even after 8 years of marriage. They were shifting to a new house. They wanted a baby. 

Zones to be treated- SW, NE, Fire zones, W and Sleeping position of couple 
Bar chart Analysis-

Weak Zones- SE, E, ESE
Extended zones- ENE

• Main Entrance – S8, W1 
• Toilets in SSE/S, E/ENE
• Weak SE

• All walls were suggested to paint neutral color
• S8, W1 – Blocked with particular metal wire 
• SSE/ S Toilet was blocked with zone specific metal and colour accessories were suggested.
• Green slab was suggested in SE kitchen
• Lit 0 watt of main color bulb in SE (24*7)
• Mixer n Dust bin were placed in Churning zone
• Shifted the toilet seat to Churning zone (as it was under construction)
• Bed placed in N and head towards S/E while sleeping
• Washing machine, Dust bin and Inverter in WNW balcony
• Zone specific colour was suggested to use in SW, SSW living room
• The lady was suggested to spend no time in SSW living room
• No Anti colour to be used in NE in form of bed sheets etc. 
 Cream bed sheets were suggested in NE

After 15 days

• Placed Photo of Pitras in SW
• Placed Kid’s poster in W
• The wish written in a slip was placed in W

Result- The wife got conceived after a month as they shifted to the new house. And now they are blessed with a baby boy

3. Case Study: client’s wife had problem related to her pregnancy

“Hii ME’s

We all have seen the miracle of the Mahavastu. One of my experiences I want to share with u.
Problem 1.client’s wife had problem related to her pregnancy. She conceived naturally twice but due to one or more reason she had to abort.
But from last few years, lady was unable to conceive despite their efforts and medical attention, then it is diagnosed by the doctor that male reproductive capacity is also poor which was not earlier.
Observation and remedies:-
1) bedroom is between ESE and SE – shifted to N and NNE
2) black granite in SE kitchen – placed green marble between the stove and black granite
3) blue tiles and black granite in SSE- put Zone specific things like mat, bucket and curtain
4)SW was cut – applied yellow colour skirting and put square size yellow colour cloth on the fridge.
5) medicines were kept in ESE – shifted to NNE
Good news is that lady is pregnant now. In her second chance, baby did not have heart beat till 2 months of pregnancy.
But now baby is having heart beat. Family is very happy having this good news and I hope this time god will give them a beautiful and healthy child.


Hii ME’S
This is the sweet result of the case I mentioned on 23 sep.I am glad to see the smile on the faces of all the family members as they have got healthy male child today morning. “

4. Case Study – Many Problems as listed down below

Hi MEs ! This is the case study of my client. To the scale plan and bar chart are given below. I am sharing the problem(s), observations and suggestions.


1 Career
2 Savings finished
3 Low production because of low capital and shortage of labour
4 Health Problem
5 Social disconnection
6 Expenditure more than income. Maximum expenditure is because of Daughter’s education 
 7 Tight financial status

Observations > Evaluation > Remedies

1.Entrances-E4,E5,S2,S4, > E5 leads to wrong decisions > Block with Zone specific color strip

2.Toilets in N and NNE >Health Problems,Career related problems > Zone specific colour strip in N toilet, Zone specific color in NNE toilet > greenery scene in N and blue pyramid in NNE

3. Extended NE and Peach and red colour in NE > Confused about right n wrong,no peace of mind> Remove anti colours and add more Zone specific colours

4. Weak ENE n garbage below stair case ( common Area) >Not satisfied with life, lack fun >Add Zone specific color as it is a weak zone n remove garbage, smiley

5. Weak (cut) East zone > social connection is getting weaker day by day > Add Zone specific strip on skirting, green plants or colour,Picture or wall hanging Sun

6. cut ESE zone > weak analytical power, ideas not yielding results > Green strip on skirting, and manthan scene and pair of black and white rabbit

7. boutique in weak(cut) SE > finance problem, low capital ( boutique display) > red bulb n green strip on skirting

8. In extended SSW >
a- Sewing machines with labour 
 b- Cash counter in boutique 
> Over Expenditure and fruitless efforts >white paint on wall and yellow vase n counter should be shifted to SSE. facing west

9. Extended SW and Green colour in SW ( machines and labour sit here) > Legs problem (gets numb and lifeless), & Labour problem > white paint on wall, Picture of eagle on SW wall (no place to place the 3D symbol)

10. Toilet in WSW > savings flushed away > Zone specific strip

11. Shaft in west > low gains > paint Zone specific color

12. Kitchen in WNW painted white > negative thinking about improvement in business as according to them labour problem is universal problem these days. Nothing can happen.  What should be the remedy if they cannot shift the kitchen? > picture of deer on the wall

13. Gas burner, dark green slab and green wall in NW > short of labour in boutique > Place Zone specific stone or mat below burner and paint wall with Zone specific colour

Results: Feeling excited to tell you the result of the above case. After executing the remedies the client gave the positive feedback regarding health. the labour came back themselves, sale increased. they said, “itna to hamne pure saal me nahin kamaya jitna ek mahine me kama liya”. Acc. to them things improved just after shifting the counter from SSW to SSE.”

Rohit Shah
MahaVastu, Numerology, Fengshui, BaZi profiling and Astro consultancy

Builder build nice apartment block with all amenities or have plot in very posh locality but there is something that prevent selling of these properties. Recently two client consulted me for buying property.

CASE STUDY ONE: One client wanted to select and purchase one plot out of two available in very posh locality of Pune. Size of plots around 4400 and 4600 SqFt and are adjacent to each other with perfect Vastu shape and slope aka… slope in N and East while hill on South and Western side which makes Vastu perfect plot. Client wanted to purchase the bigger plot but wanted to make sure Vastu is good so consulted me for Vastu.

So visited the site and I measured directions, positivity/negativity, is this suitable to buyer and GeoPathic stress of both plots. Even though both plots are having common wall but one plot was having all positive results while second the bigger size plot was showing negative results and not matching with client. I gave my report to client and suggested him not to purchase the bigger size plot due to negative results. Also told him that same plot may be going through lots of deal but in the end no deal – which is what has been happening as per client – there were many buyers in past but in the end deal did not happen. While the smaller size plot just came into market and already attracting offers.

CASE STUDY 2: Here client wanted to purchase a 2 BHK flat in upcoming area of Pune where pricing are rising every month.

So same testing was carried out on both properties and again found similar readings where one building/flat very positive to the client and other one is not. I also told client that flats in one particular corner side of the building is most likely not sold because of so much negativity. I was so right, when I asked care taker of that particular premise he said flats in that particular corner are not sold. Even they got cancellation on booked flats.


I highly recommend OR MUST have following checks before buying premise:

  1. Positivity and Negativity of flat/plot/building/shop etc…
  2. Check if the dwelling will be suitable to purchaser or not
  3. Measure Geo-Pathic stress
  4.  Does plot meets basic Vastu
  5. No toilet in NE of the premise.
  6. No near by slum, temple(s) or cremation/burial ground – all these places carries lots of negativity.

For other checks and remedies Mystic solutions is there to help and guide you. Yes, Mystic Solutions can resolve the problems that are highlighted in above case studies. In past many such cases had been resolved.

If you have any questions OR feedback please do get in touch with us at Mystic Solutions.

This is the typical Sample Kit that we use while measuring several aspect of Vastu. So far our records remains intact.

Mystic Solutions -Vastu Sample Kit

Our own Bollywood celebrities change their name. Most of them had an amazing success post change of their name while some did not like Tussar Kapoor – he had good movies but not consistent so did not get success as much success as others in acting but may having great success in business activity.

Get your Numbers right with help of Numerologies Rohit Shah –

Old Name Old Numero No New Name New Numero Number
Rani Mukherji 8 Rani Mukerji 3
Ayushman Khurana 3 Ayushmann Khurrana 1
Tusar Kapoor 3 Tussar Kapoor 6
Ajay Devgan 1 Ajay Devgn 9
Sunil Shetty 4 Suniel Shetty 9
Sonam A Kapoor 3 Sonam Kapoor 2
 Karishma Kapoor 1 Karishma Kapoor 5
Ritesh Deshmukh 9 Riteish Deshmukh 1
Rithik Roshan 2 Hrithik Roshan 7
Jimmy Shergill 9 Jimmy Sheirgill 1
Chiradip Das Gupta 1 INDRAADIP DAS GUPTA 3
Asha Kelunni 1 Revathi 6
Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair 4 Mohanlal 2
MG Ramachandran 5 MGR 9


This client consulted me for Numerology and after following recommendation achieved amazing results.

Another client achieved most wanted promotion and rise within 2 months period.

Client came with marriage issue…not able to find right partner, everything goes fine but in the end things dont workout, so far met 18 girls but no luck. Conaulted me..advised him perfect day, date, time and cloths to wear when he goes to meet. Guess what, on very 1st meeting he found right partner and getting married on 19th Jan 2017.

Check out the video testimony of one of the client. As well as messages shared by Vastu clients.

COMING in 2017  – One can get their BaZi profiling done through Mystic Solutions. If anyone of you knows about Discovery INSIGHTS program can relate this with BaZi as both are similar and in my case it is very accurate.

I have been learning BaZi / Destiny code system for a while through Joey Yep education. This system is quite amazing but lots of calculations and interpretations requires to draw correct path and actions.

BAZI is very ancient and extremely accurate system of Chinese Astrology. Bazi is the Chinese ancient way of destiny analysis. The history of Bazi began some 5000 years ago during the Chinese Wu Kingdom. The term Bazi means “Eight Characters” or what many people term as four pillars.  Each pillar has two Chinese characters, making it “Eight Characters”.

To analyse a person’s life destiny, we need to draw a person’s Bazi chart and his/her year luck cycle.  These can be derived from date of birth and hour of birth.  Once this is done, the most important and most difficult task is interpreting the Bazi chart accurately.

The eight characters in the chart contain the codes of a person’s destiny, a map that shows all the Influences of the five elements on the person’s life. By decoding your Bazi, you will also gain greater insights into your character, personality, strengths and weaknesses. It allows you  to capitalise on your strengths and the Opportunities that arise,  thus to said if you know your fortune, you make the appropriate steps to triumph  in life.

Sharing the BaZi graph (see attachment)… more to come in 2017.

If I look back few years then I remember my company getting INSIGHTS profile done for each of the employees. So while learning Bazi I can recall same profile which was done during INSIGHTS workshop. Both plotted more of a same profile in terms of my character but Bazi gives more in depth analysis in terms health, prosperity to whats in store for you in future.

So watch out for 2017 about launch of new offering – Find Your Destiny Code.

Attaching few pics of BaZi profile or Destiny Code.

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