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If you want to start your own business your main or secondary profile must be at least indirect wealth (Pioneer Profile). The second profile that can do it is leader profile. The other one is warrior (if your chart primarily made with this 3 you are a businessman) by nature you are a talented entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur / Business Owner Type:

1.      Pioneer

2.      Leader

3.      Warrior

Strategist people who can think why they do it, why they should drive it this way, the whole scheme of things, they don’t normally think tactics (send email blast, advertising, sales).. They plan.. they working on the business..

If you have business without 3 of this in your profile, you do not know how to run it or manage it. You can’t really understand how things operate.

Skill Profesional:

1.      Artist

2.      Analyzer

Some of you better become skill professional, study to become accountant, engineer, dentist, yet some of you can still be wealthy..

Management / Tactician:

1.      Director

2.      Friends

3.      Diplomat

People with structure consisting of 3 of this Profile as majority, is a good tactician. Really good at managing people, business and financial. If you have 3 of this in your profile but your main profile is Diplomat, you might be slightly different with another person who have 3 of this with their main profile is Director. And also depends on your whole structure of your BaZi chart. Remember your personality is not determined by only this 10 profile but also other sub-profiles, the running year etc…. having said this your main profile is the Key.

Below link highlights key attributes of each of the 10 profiles. Also below images of successful personalities.

BaZi Profile: What main Profile Means



COMING in 2017  – One can get their BaZi profiling done through Mystic Solutions. If anyone of you knows about Discovery INSIGHTS program can relate this with BaZi as both are similar and in my case it is very accurate.

I have been learning BaZi / Destiny code system for a while through Joey Yep education. This system is quite amazing but lots of calculations and interpretations requires to draw correct path and actions.

BAZI is very ancient and extremely accurate system of Chinese Astrology. Bazi is the Chinese ancient way of destiny analysis. The history of Bazi began some 5000 years ago during the Chinese Wu Kingdom. The term Bazi means “Eight Characters” or what many people term as four pillars.  Each pillar has two Chinese characters, making it “Eight Characters”.

To analyse a person’s life destiny, we need to draw a person’s Bazi chart and his/her year luck cycle.  These can be derived from date of birth and hour of birth.  Once this is done, the most important and most difficult task is interpreting the Bazi chart accurately.

The eight characters in the chart contain the codes of a person’s destiny, a map that shows all the Influences of the five elements on the person’s life. By decoding your Bazi, you will also gain greater insights into your character, personality, strengths and weaknesses. It allows you  to capitalise on your strengths and the Opportunities that arise,  thus to said if you know your fortune, you make the appropriate steps to triumph  in life.

Sharing the BaZi graph (see attachment)… more to come in 2017.

If I look back few years then I remember my company getting INSIGHTS profile done for each of the employees. So while learning Bazi I can recall same profile which was done during INSIGHTS workshop. Both plotted more of a same profile in terms of my character but Bazi gives more in depth analysis in terms health, prosperity to whats in store for you in future.

So watch out for 2017 about launch of new offering – Find Your Destiny Code.

Attaching few pics of BaZi profile or Destiny Code.

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