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Money Magnet Bracelet was designed after careful studies of Gemstones properties and using crystal energy along with numero number to create the ideal combination. We believe that this design is to bring wealth and prosperity into your life. It is made with the most powerful crystals (Malachite, Citrine, Amethyst etc…) for money and growth. Number of beads are 24 which represents double growth or abundance. Number 24 also translates into single digit 6 which is Venus while 2 and 4 represents Moon and Rahu. All there planets Venus, Moon and Rahu creates a success and growth path.  Many famous Numerologist tell their client to write No 24 in front of house door on Palm etc…One must try this new bracelet.

How to Use: 

  1. Cleansing: Before wearing one need to cleanse the bracelets of negative energies. Your gemstones will work best when they are cleared and cleansed. How to cleanse the bracelet; instructions given with product.
  2. Energising/Activating: To activate your Money Magnet set, sit quietly, holding your piece in both hands. Breathe in the highest white light and visualise your intention for your bracelet. Visualise wealth, abundance and prosperity in your life. Offering incense/Dhoop and prayer will be useful as well. The stones are listening. It is now ready to wear.
  3. Wear in left hand wrist.For optimum results, wear your piece for 40 days straight (it’s okay to take it off at night or while taking bath). Also energising often (once a week) will ensure continues flow of positive energies. There are many more such products/offerings, keep an eye on our next blog.


Special Launch offer of Rupees 551/- (Including P&P within India), Payment via PayTm or Bank Transfer.

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If you are suffering from low business turnover in shop or office then one can try following remedies.


  1. Cleansed and Abhimantrit undamaged/cracked Gomti Chakra of Big size
  2. Cleansed and Abhimantrit Laghu Nariyel
  3. Mala to Jap Mantra; Mala of Crystal OR Rudraksh OR Tulsi Bead or Kamal Ghanth
  4. Dhoop
  5. Pure Ghee Diya

Recite 5 Mala of following Mantra to Abhimantrit Gomti Chakra


Remedy 1:

Fill broad Glass bowl with pure water and place 11 Big size cleansed and Abhimantrit Gomti Chakra in the bowl facing flat side up, offer Dhoop and Diya. Every morning as soon you open your shop/office change water and offer Diya and Dhoop. Recite one Mala of above mentioned Mantra.

Placing of bowl is very important, make sure bowl is placed such a way that customer can see it.

Remedy 2:

Place 11 cleansed and abhimantrit Gomti Chakra and 3 Laghu Nariyel in yellow cloth and tie the cloth. Place this cloth at the main entrance of the shop or office; every time customer enters the shop or office they pass underneath this. Daily offer Dhoop and Diya and chant 1 Mala of given Mantra.

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Image of Laghu Nariyel and Glass Bowl

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Many times I get questions about Gemstones – which stone(s) to wear for particular reason(s) OR what are the benefits OR which chakra associated with which stones etc… What are the difference between Precious and Semi-Precious stones? Does semi precious stones have same effect as precious stones?

I am sure my below write up will answer  most of the questions that one may have but below are the basic questions that I want to answer from my experiences and research.

Q1. Are there stones for all purposes?

A1. Yes there are stones for all purposes; for an example if someone is susceptible to evil eyes OR negative energies then they can protect themselves by wearing Black Agate bracelet OR pendant or pure Clear Crystal OR Black Tourmaline Bracelet. If you are looking for prosperity then one can opt for Citrine Bracelet. Here is the List of most widely used gemstones that I have prepared for some of the most widely used gemstones. This will guide you through many options. Also document on how to cleanse and program your stones – very in depth yet simple guide –>  STONE HEALING How to Charge Crystal

Q2. Difference between Precious stone and semi-precious stones?

A2. To start with, precious stones are very expensive – sometimes X50 times than semi-precious stones and second point is that, precious stone should be worn for particular period only aka when your particular GRAHA/Star is weak OR in Mahadasha but once your Graha is out of Mahadasha then one should remove precious stone. to avoid negative effect of excessive energies. Precious stones brings results faster than semi, but then there are side effects as well; for an example if one continue wearing precious stone(s) which no longer is required (Mahadasha period of Graha is over). Semi precious stones does brings results but takes few weeks more – from my and my clients experience maximum in 4 week one start seeing results of semi precious stones.  Also there are no negative effects of Semi precious stones unlike precious stones. For an example if GURU Graha is powerful and if you continue wearing Yellow Sapphire (precious stone) then one will see excessive side of GURU effect- one example is putting on extra weight. But if one wears citrine OR Topaz stone then there won’t be such negative effect.

Q3. Does gemstones requires purification? If Yes, then what is the process?

A3. Yes, one should purify gemstones because before the gemstones comes into your possession it is being handled by many hands which pass on their energies onto stones. So one should purify gemstone or its product before wearing it. STONE HEALING How to Charge Crystal to learn more about cleansing and charging crystals/Gemstones.

Q4. Are there Gemstones for all types ailment(s) either Physical or emotional?

A4. We cannot guarantee that Gemstones works or cures illness but we had cases where it has benefitted. Also if one search google for such cases then you will surely find cases where people have benefitted with Gemstones. We always encourage to consult doctors for proper medical treatment. Please go through Mystic Solutions-Crystals-Stones-USES-Codes

Q5. Does one have to wear particular size of gemstones?

A5. For an adult we recommend 5+ carat minimum size of the gemstones to see the benefit. Some also recommend base on weight of the person.

Q6. Are Gemstones reuseable?

A6. Yes one can reuse Gemstone(s) that is worn by someone else in past. But it is very  important to cleanse and program the stone before using it or reusing it.

Q7. Where do I get more information about Gemstones?

A7. One can search google to get more information about gemstones. I personally like Crystal Vaults site. This site provide in depth information about crystals/gemstones and its usage.

Q8. Why Gemstones do not bring results? OR What care should I be taking? 

A8. There is a long list of reasons which lead to failure but I will stick to the basic ones:

a) Frequent removal of the gemstone ring – Many individuals remove their rings/pendants OR Bracelet while visiting the rest room, eating non vegetarian food, enjoying intimate pleasures thinking that their gem will get some bad energy. Well please understand that gems works by the play of light. A gem has worked hard to bring up the positive vibration within you. As soon as you remove it that vibration goes back to the base line and then the gem works hard again to bring it back. Gems are a power of God himself and have formed over a period of million of years absorbing the Panch Bhootas (Five Elements) of Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. They are so Sattvik (means one that is “pure, righteous, essence, nature, vital, energy, clean, conscious, strong, courage, true, honest, wise, rudiment of life”) that they can never get not attract bad energies. The sacred texts are very clear in stating that one should remove the gemstone only when visiting a funeral or a cremation ground for someone’s last rights. After this process; an individual comes back, have a bath and wear your gemstone. Barring this single instance you should be wearing your gemstone all the time for optimum results. Secondly when you wear the gemstone for the first time an auspicious time OR Day is very important. The planetary combinations occurring at that time also aid in making your gemstone more effective.

b) Letting other people wear your gemstone. This should be avoided at all costs. Your gemstone has been energized in your name and birth star OR Numero Analysis and is attuned to your body energies and destiny. Let other people see and appreciate your gemstone but do not let them wear your gemstone.

c) Having too much expectation from the gemstone. I have seen this scenario where many people want to experience an effect which I equate to Instant Coffee. Just as to experiences a better coffee it should go through due process (from right selection of beans to making process) they should feel the same by wearing the gemstone. Treat your gemstone as your most intimate friend. It is working. It takes time to clear negative blocks and mistakes of many years. It will deliver. Sometime one may feel that they are attracting more negative energies which is true in certain cases but its positive sign so do not panic Gemstone is working. Have patience.

Q9. Where do I buy Genuine gemstones?

A9. We only deal in Genuine articles – can it be gemstone or any other mystic products, one can take our product for lab certification. You can contact us or visit our online store for available gemstone items. If you do not find what you are looking for then please reach out us by emailing us and we will be happy procure the item from our genuine stone supplier.

If you still have questions then please do reach out to us at

Check below document for list of Gemstones along with its benefits as well as health related info:

Mystic Solutions-Crystals-Stones-USES-Codes

Below document is all about “How to Cleanse and Charge your Stone”:

STONE HEALING How to Charge Crystal



Mystic Solutions Double Lava Bead Bracelet with OM and Swastik Pic1

Awesome Bracelet

Lava stone is regarded as a symbol of fertility, endurance and strength. It is believed to provide stability in tumultuous times. Because they come from the Earth, it is said that it strengthens our relationship with our planet. It dispels anger, cements our beliefs and provides guidance, clarity and hope in difficult times.

While I was designing this bracelet – wanted to add Mystic Symbol and upon studying about from different sources – I thought OM and Swastika is the perfect match. I am sure you will also learn more about what these Mystic Symbol OM and Swastika represents… very good insight.

About the Mystic Symbols on Bracelet:


Om and Swastik are the Mystical symbol of Hinduism and other religions across the globe.

ॐ is not a word at all , it is a sound. ॐ) is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hindu religion. It is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The syllable Om is composed of the three sounds a-u-m (in Sanskrit, the vowels a and u combine to become o) and the symbol’s threefold nature is central to its meaning. It represent several important triads:

  • The three worlds – earth, atmosphere, and heaven
  • The three major Hindu gods – Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva
  • The three sacred Vedic scriptures – Rg, Yajur, and Sama

Thus Om mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe. This meaning is further deepened by the Indian philosophical belief that God first created sound and the universe arose from it. As the most sacred sound, Om is the root of the universe and everything that exists and it continues to hold everything together.


The Swastika, the symbol of Nazi Germany, actually means a lucky charm or a symbol of well-being for most of us, when literally translated from its Sanskrit root, comprising su meaning ‘good’ and asti meaning ‘to be’. In other words, well-being. One of the oldest symbols made by humans, it dates back some 6,000 years to rock and cave paintings. Scholars generally agree it originated in India.

It has also meant a symbol of good luck, prosperity and all things auspicious for other ancient cultures, including the Vikings and Greeks, besides Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.Swastika was first mentioned in the Vedas. It symbolises many things — luck, Surya (the sun) and Brahma, the creator. It is seen as a power symbol and is also the emblem of Ganesha, the god of good luck. In both Hinduism and Jainism, the Swastika is used to mark the opening pages of account books, doors and thresholds.

In Hinduism, the right-hand (clockwise) swastika is a symbol of the sun and the god Vishnu, while the left-hand (counterclockwise, called sauvastika) swastika represents the goddess Kali, night, and magic.

The auspicious symbol of the swastika is very commonly used in Hindu art, architecture and decoration. It can be seen on temples, houses, doorways, clothing, cars, and even cakes. Four arms represents the auspicious entrances one should have on house, office or Factories. If you put Swastika symbol in centre of the floor plan – check where each of the Arms ends – that is the entrance one should have. For further help on this or how to use Swastika to check entrance please contact us.

Our latest product launch – Bracelet made of Lava beads and Black Agate OR ONYX stones with diamond cut crystal studded in ring and 925 sterling silver Tortoise. It looks awesome on wrist with added benefits of the stone.



Awesome looking bracelet with the benefits of Lava and Black Agate stones.


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