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Geo Pathic Stress Note - MSGeo Pathic Stress Note - Further StudyHere I am publishing my small write up about Geopathic stress and studies done by few institute and their conclusions.

Here are notes on research carried out by institute and some of the results and conclusion.

It is concluded that the consideration of Geopathic stress must be a part of the preliminary for planning and designing of roadways, railways, also for town planning and other infrastructural development. 
Public places such as schools, hospitals, offices etc. must be checked for Geopathic Stress before construction and if possible such places must be avoided otherwise Treated for. 
Dwelling in Geopathic Stress zone should be avoided as it may lead to perilous diseases. 
Thus, Geopathic Stress is one of the significant aspects to be considered for safe and sustainable development.


Geopathic stress affects the soil and changes the properties of soil.
Road pavement get distressed and cracks may get developed in the Geopathic Stress zone.
Geopathic stress zone is responsible for occurrence of road accident in the built environment since it increase the reaction time of drivers.
Skin resistance, systolic and diastolic blood pressure is getting affected due to the presence of Geopathic Stress zone.
Geopathic stress affects each and every part of the built environment hence is the
REAT’ to the built environment.

Effect of geopathic stress on human heart rate and blood pressure :

Conclusion The significant difference in the physical parameters noticed lead to the conclusion that the GS zone exerted different influence on the normal functioning of the human body especially changes in BP and HR. The common effects of GS zone observed includes feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, headaches, tingling in arms and legs etc. depending upon age group. As a result, different retardation of immune system and other organ may occur. Though GS doesn’t cause any serious illness, it can be predicted that it may lower immune system and one’s ability to fight off virus and bacteria. The scientific basis of the conclusion is explored in this paper. In the present study, the candidates were exposed to GS zone for 20 minutes. However, it is felt that for further study of effect of GS zone on people, they may be exposed for a longer duration to the GS zone say 6-8 hours(especially during sleeping period). This will also help in arriving at a better conclusion. By generating a larger data base, studies as regards establishing the co-relation between the various parameters await further research.

Effect of geopathic stress zone on human body voltage and skin resistance

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION It is seen that the energy emitted by the earth at specific surface locations, affects the normal human body voltage and skin resistance. It is observed that on geopathic stress zone, the body voltage increases and skin resistance decreases as compared to the non- geopathic stress zone. As per Dr. Apter, if tone of GSR unit gets increased then skin resistance gets decreased, this means that the person becomes upset or agitated. It can be said that the human body is affected adversely by the geopathic stress zone. One of the arguments may be that as age increases, the effect of the geopathic stress zone also causes changes in the human electrical system. This may be one of the causes for induction of degenerative diseases like heart attack, cancer, etc as the age increases.

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What is Geopathic Stress?

As mentioned by Dr Robert Jacobs, MRCS, LRCP – The term Geopathic Stress refers to the adverse effects on health of electromagnetic radiation coming from the earth. Scientific research carried out in Germany, has shown that some people’s health is affected in a detrimental way by electromagnetic radiation coming from the earth itself where they live.

The most usual cause of Geopathic stress is underground water, usually an underground stream, flowing beneath a house. The water rapidly flowing through rock gives rise to an electrical field which can affect the health of those living above it. Geopathic stress can also arise from a geological fault line, that is, a deep crack in the bedrock which allows radiation from deep within the earth to come up to the surface. This too can affect the health of those living above a fault line. The energy grid is effected by many influences – electricity, magnetism, light, color, heat, sound and matter.

Many scientist have done good amount of research in this field but two scientists, Curry and Hartmann, who have done extensive research in this area and concluded their effects on human. Their findings are known as Curry Net and Hartmann Grids/Lines. More information can be found at It has been suggested that both the Curry grids and Hartmann Net are earthing grids for cosmic rays that constantly bombard the Earth, and that they can be distorted by other things, such as geological fault lines and underground mining. It is also possible to have spots where the Curry and Hartmann lines cross, causing further potential problems. These spots are generally seen to be more harmful than a single crossing within the Curry or Hartmann system.

Geopathic stress Effects on Human:

Some of the known medical condition due to Geopathic stress are

  • Sleeping disorders/Insomnia and nightmares
  • Laziness in the morning
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Rheumatic pains
  • Autonomic disorders like sweating, freezing
  • Arrhythmias
  • Migraines, tension headaches
  • Muscle cramps, and many more…

My clients have noticed greater improvements in their prosperity scale/business as well as children doing good in exams. For more information on effects of Geopathic stress please visit following link: What Impact does Geopathic Stress have on Health and Well-Being?” Ulrike Banis, MD, ND

How one can Identify

Well, there are many expensive meters which helps in identifying/measuring Geopathic stress. In my experiment, I used Aura scanner and Dowsing method.

Other way to identify possible fault apart from typical health issue as mentioned above…

  1. OBSERVE the land around your home. How healthy are trees and bushes? Do you need to call an extermination regularly to fight off ants or take out wasp nests?
  2. BEFORE building a new home check the property for crippled or dead trees, for wet land and ant hills. This is often a sign for earth anomalies and fault lines. Move the planned house to another part of the property, if possible.
  3. Cracks on floor/wall is another way of possible stress lines; especially the floor and wall been treated earlier and cracks continue to reappear.
  4. Cats:  Cats are attracted to Geo-pathic Stress, their favorite places usually are on grids or even crossings. Dogs do not like those areas and avoid them. If your cat loves your bed, at least be suspicious and check for yourself.

How to Treat these Lines aka Geopathic stress

If SLEEPING PROBLEMS occur, such as difficulty to fall asleep or waking up around 3 am (when Geopathic Stress has its strongest intensity) consider to sleep in a different room for a while. Often people are aware that they sleep much better at their sister’s or parent’s house or that their children behave differently as soon as they change rooms. With grownups it can take up to several weeks to discharge from Geopathic Stress. If there is no other way to escape, use a Orgonite

Avoid metal frame Bed and mattresses: This gives rise to Geopathic stress. They also charge easily from electro-magnetic fields and should be replaces with wooden frames and latex or foam mattresses. Change room and see if problem goes away or not.

  1. If there is a History Of CANCER in your family or in the house you are living in. Ask about the pre-owners BEFORE you sign the contract for a new home: Why did they move out? Were there cases of illness among former inhabitants? In this case we strongly recommend to get your home checked in detail by a knowledgeable dowser.
  2. Use simple TESTING METHODS, such as Dowsing or Aura scanner or engage someone who practice this to test for yourself. Even better, learn how to dowse.
  3. WATER IN BASEMENTS often shows a general high water table and possible underground water veins.
  4. Coke sheet reduces Geopathic stress.
  5. Some people feel easily drained and exhausted at work or at school. The best way to protect oneself is to wear Orgonite Pendant.

As mentioned above, I did the dowsing and Aura scanner to identify stress lines and post that as a treatment I have used Crystal based Orgonites and it has done wonders. After 15 days I remeasure same way and it was all clear aka not GS (Geopathic stress). Wonderful thing is that by fixing ground floor you can also remove lines from above floors. Orgonites works up to 300 ft.

If you need more info on this subject or wish to carry out testing of your home/office/factory then drop us an email at

Important Note:

Above information is gathered from reliable sources who are expert in this field along with my personal experiences and consulting experiences. Please use this article as information only and may not fit for all so I strongly recommend that before you opt for any remedies or other practices as mentioned in this article, Please…please consult appropriate professional to work on your problems.

Due to workload I am not able to record video of my experiment but as soon as time permits I will be posting a video…hopefully very soon.


Some pics of pendant and orgonite pyramid I use:

Orgonite Pyramid and Pendant from

Orgonite Pyramid and Pendant from

Black Tourmaline Stone Orgonite Pendant - Style 4


Here is the snapshot on which Gemstone helps in…

1. #Neutralizing EMFs : Fluorite, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz. 

2. Absorbing #Geopathic stress : Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Tantalite 

3. Clearing environmental #pollution : Turquoise, Graphic Smoky Quartz in Feldspar, Malachite (particularly good for radioactive emissions) 

4. Deflecting #psychic attacks : Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Tantalite 

5. Cleansing negative energies : Amber, Shungite or Bloodstone 

6. Replacing negative vibrations with positive, loving vibes : Rose Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst.

I am sure there are many other gemstone to combat these.

One may ask how to use #Gemstones…well one should carry in pocket or place it on Desk, bracelets, Mala, pendant or place it on dashboard of car. 

My #recommendation is to use unpolished which carries highest amount of vibrations as to tumbled or polished.

Personally I have had very positive outcome (in terms of growth, stoping bad habit) while carrying #Citrin stone in my pocket.

Courtesy Judy Hall book on Crystal Bible.

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