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As per my study of OCcult science, I have only came accross Lal Kitab which provides different types of Past Karma Debt (Run) and simple yet effective remedies. This way at least we can cleanze some of our past Karma debt. In past 5 odd years Lal Kitab is again becoming famous because of Simple and Effective remedies that anyone can do. Also it is believed Lal Kitab remedies gives fastest results. – in some cases within Few hours. BEst part is that on all remedies one needs to do – doing half of it also brings results.

When you purchase your Lal Kundali report you get much more in depth details and all the remedies that you can easily do and are very effective with fastest results. Check out our Sample Lal Kitab report in Hindi and English.

Few of the readings you get in Rpeort is listed Here:

  • Astrological Particulars
  • Lagna, Moon and Bhava Chalit Kundali of Lal-Kitab,
  • Positions of Houses from Lal-Kitab Kundali
  • Planetary Positions & Dispositions from Lal-Kitab Kundali
  • Lal Kitab 35 year’s cycles
  • Assumption of Native Palm throgh Lal-Kitab
  • General Predictions from Lal-Kitab
  • House (Bhava) Based Predictions from Lal-Kitab
  • Predictions of JAll Planets with Remedies where requires. ]
  • Planet in House Predictions (Lal-Kitab)
  • Debt and Runn Details with Remedies
  • Permissible and Non-Permissible Remedies in Lal-Kitab
  • Manglik blemish (dosh) in LalKitab
  • Lal-Kitab Varshphala
  • Reason and Upay for every Aspect of life from Lal-Kitab
  • Health and Dieses related predictions and Upay :
  • Money, Business & Employement related predictions and Upay :
  • Residance related predictions and Upay :
  • Marriage, Wife and Family related predictions and Upay :
  • Childrens and their Health related predictions and Upay :
  • Travel related predictions and Upay :
  • KaalSarpa Yoga
  • Phases of Shani Sadesati and Upay
  • Vimshottari Dasha effects and remedies in Lal Kitab
  • Conjoined Planets result from Lal-Kitab
  • Lal Kitab Varshaphala – Yearly Wise Predictions and Upay
  • …and much more information.

Lal Kitab Report with Yearly Predictions and Upay can be order by emailing at feees is 2999 INR Rupees Only.

Sample Reports in Hindi and English:


Lately Lal kitab has become very popular because of simple and inexpensive remedies OR UPAY.  Another reason for its popularity is it brings fast results. Remedies are very simple to perform but very important to follow it with full trust and regularly where requires.

I am attaching an image with few simple yet effective remedies for Wealth creation. One can perform the remedy that fits best for them.

Please note that these mentioned remedies are of general nature but if you wish to know specific remedies based on your Birth chart then you may request for your personal Lal Kitab report with 1 year prediction and remedies to perform for better health, wealth and happiness. All the remedies in report are also simple to perform and inexpensive.

Cost of personal LAL KITAB report is only Rs 555/-. One can request via email to or WhatsApp on 7776034447 OR 9049410786.

Sample Reports:

Mrs Sample – Hindi Format Report

Mr Sample – English Format Report

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Lal Kitab wealth creation by Mystic Solutions


Watch this video to understand effects of planets and what remedies one should perform to reduce the effect of malefic planets. Even though I have provided what are typical symptoms when certain planet is malefic in lal kitab kundali but ideally one should consult Lal Kitab astrologer to verify the current phase of effect is due to right malefic planets.

For your Lal Kitab Kundali please reach out to us.

Please read the note on last page of the video on when to carry out remedies. Also make your self familiar with our disclaimer.


Here are the PDF files of what on Video.

As per Lal Kitab how to get improve Nav Graha aka how one can get positive results from Nav Graha. Like Astrology, Lal Kitab also has same Nav Graha (Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu).

Here is what you need to do to get positive results of each Graha. Jap associated Mantra and one can also avoid wearing associated colours. In Lal Kitab one has to follow for 41 Days.

  1. Saturn: Jap Mantra of BHAIROV Dev or Chant Shani Chalisa, Color associated is Black.
  2. Rahu: Jap of Saraswati Devi Chalisa. Blue is the color associated with Rahu.
  3. Ketu: Jap of Ganesha Mantra. Black and White color.
  4. Mercury: Jap pf Maa Durga. Green Color.
  5. Mars: Jap of Lorn Hanuman – Chant Hanuman Chalisa. Red is the color.
  6. Venus: Jap of Maa LaxmiJi. Curdish White aka Off white.
  7. Moon: Lord Shiva Jap. Pure White.
  8. Sun: Lord Vishnu Jap. Copper color.
  9. Jupiter: Lord Brahma or Vishnu Jap. Yellow Color


As per Lal Kitab each GRAHA (STAR) have specific effect during particular age of of the person. For an example from birth to at the age of 6 Years – influence of Saturn (Shani) remains, so either there will be good or bad effect of Saturn (SHANI) till the person reaches age of 7. The bad or good effect of that particular GRAHA OR Star depends on placement of that particular Graha/Start in persons Janam or Lagan Kundali based on Lal Kitab principles.

Here is the table that highlights at what age which GRAHA or STAR will be active.

GRAHA / STAR 1st Phase 2nd Phase 3rd Phase 4th Phase
SHANI/ Saturn 1-6 Yrs 36-41 Yrs 71-76 Yrs 106-111 Yrs
RAHU/ Uranus 7-12 Yrs 42-47Yrs 77-82 Yrs 112-117 Yrs
KETU / Neptune 13-15 Yrs 48-50 Yrs 83-85 Yrs 118-120 Yrs
GURU/ Jupiter 16-21 Yrs 51-56 Yrs 86-90 Yrs
SURYA/ Sun 22-23 Yrs 57-58 Yrs 91-93Yrs
CHANDRA/ Moon 24 Yrs 59 Yrs 94 Yrs
SUKRA / Venus 25-27 Yrs 60-62 Yrs 95-97 Yrs
MANGAL / Mars 28-33 Yrs 63-68 Yrs 98-103 Yrs
BUDH / Mercury 34-35 Yrs 69-70 Yrs 104-105Yrs

Many would have questions on how would I know if I am having Good or Bad effect of the particular Graha – well one way is to have Lal Kitab Kundali or another easy way is look at the age bracket you are currently in and see how things been going since the change of Graha… if things been going good means you are having positive effects/results of that particular Graha. For an example since reaching age of 25 years things are going great, lots of entertainment, great social connections, bought luxury items etc… means you are having positive effects of SUKRA / VENUS. If no positive effects then one can opt for treating bad effect of SUKRA OR VENUS.

I will be publishing more facts on Lal Kitab in near future.


Not many people know about Lal Kitab, but for people who are into Mystic consultations knows about this and many practices.

Lal Kitab known for speedy results providing right consultation is given.

One of the Fact about Lal Kitab is that there are two types of GRAH for each individual

  1. RASHI PHAL Grah – This is the GRAH associated with the day person is born on. So for someone born on Sunday will have SURYA (SUN) as their Rashi Phal GRAH.
  2. GRAH PHAL Grah –  This is the GRAH associated with the time person is born on. So someone born between say 10 AM to 11 AM will have CHANDRA (Moon) as their GRAH Phal Grah.

Now the interesting fact is that there are remedies done for RASHI Phal GRAH will bring results but remedies done for GRAH Phal Grah will have no results.  GRAH Phal GRAH is associated with your KARMA and one has to bear the fruit of KRAMAS. So if someone gives you remedies for CHANDRA (Moon) in this example will have no effect.

If you wish to know your RASHI PHAL and GRAH PHAL GRAH then drop me an email.

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