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This client consulted me for Numerology and after following recommendation achieved amazing results.

Another client achieved most wanted promotion and rise within 2 months period.

Client came with marriage issue…not able to find right partner, everything goes fine but in the end things dont workout, so far met 18 girls but no luck. Conaulted me..advised him perfect day, date, time and cloths to wear when he goes to meet. Guess what, on very 1st meeting he found right partner and getting married on 19th Jan 2017.

Check out the video testimony of one of the client. As well as messages shared by Vastu clients.


Unfortunately, due to tine constraint I been unable to post case study/testimony so far.

Well as they say its never to late to start something new….

This client contacted me for help with list of problems and work was carried out in step by step to ensure each problems are resolved successfully.

Here is the testimony along with problem areas, remedies suggested. Consultation was provided based on Mahavastu and Numerology.


I will be posting more very soon.

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