Do It Your Self Vastu Series

To engage Vastu consultant is a costly business and bigger challenge is will I get the result or not? Here is the Do It yourself Vastu series videos which I am sure will help in small way to solve Vastu Doshas.

DO IT YOURSELF VIDEO Series. I am sure you will greatly benefit.

*Learn and follow Attributes of Each of the 16 Directions – Zones.* 

Once you understand basics then you will be able to do basic Vastu without consulting Vaastu Consultant. How to use…

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For an example, if your business is not getting new orders OR opportunities then check North Direction – ensure there are no Cuts, Storage, Dustbin, Junk or anti Color OR Element in this zone – even mattress of Red or Yellow color will effect- check both office/shop/factory and home. You may have to watch this video a few times to get a better understanding. There are few direction specific videos as well…More will be loaded in a few days.

*Rohitt Shah*

Vastu Acharya and Master Numerologists

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