Five Most Celestial Animals in Feng shui

Most of the religion or Mystic study highlights auspicious items such as photo, plants, yantra or mantras etc… so in Feng shui there are five most sacred animals which has immense significance.
These are:

  1. Tortoise
  2. Tiger
  3. Snake
  4. Phoenix
  5. Dragon

Many of the above mentioned animals also have high regards in Hindu culture. For an example snake is around the neck of Lord Shiva.Tortoise with Lord Vishnu and Tiger with Goddess Durga. It is also believed that the bird Phenix was originated from India. All these sacred animals are associated with house and their position because of their quality.
Snake being the controller of all four – it is place in Center (I guess this also goes as per Hindu Lord Shiva – who carries snake around his neck and known as creator and destroyer).
Tortoise is place at back where the back is weak or open space. i.e. back of the house with open space or river or read or at back of the office room where window or door, children studying with back side wide open, where you are dealing with customer and have open space.
The Phoenix bird is known for fire and rising from ashes. It flies high in sky – which denotes higher opportunities or ability to see what’s coming. Phoenix should be place opposite direction of tortoise. As its known for higher visibility of things and rising from ashes – which also highlights rising from failures. Phoenix denotes open space – so having open space in front of house is must likewise having open space in front when one is sitting in office.
Dragon considered most auspicious animal in Chinese culture, where all ceremony centered around dragon. Dragon is responsible for all auspicious events in life. It is believed that delighted dragon brings happiness and prosperity and unhappy dragon opposite to that. Dragon should be placed in left side of the plot or have high rise on left of the plot. Dragon should be placed opposite to Tiger – so consider this while placing both in house/room/plot etc…Not having strong position on left side can make a person weak.
As we all know Tiger are the most fearsome creature with proper planning, swiftness and determination in their act. They never give up and do not fear of anything. The placement for this is right side of the plot/house etc…. Opposite to dragon. The placement of Dragon adn Tiger can be achieved in house by placing furniture according to Dragon and Tiger’s placement.
Snakes are highly depended on vibrations as they have very weak eye sight or sense of hearing but vibrations are the driving force for them. Similarly one being in center can feel the vibrations across the house. Being in center and surrounded by other four also serves the purpose as each have positive energy to contribute
As I have mentioned earlier, the Phoenix flies high and rise from the ashes so the most suited place for Phoenix is front. Having it in front can sense what’s happening and direct rest of the four. Similarly, the front house should be designed such a way. Water flowing front of the house or wide open space.
As I have been studying many mystic books and from experiences I can easily relate things between different school of thoughts. There are lots of correlation between Indian Feng Shui (Vastu Shashtra) and Chines Feng-shui. Above article does have number of similarities with Vastu Shashtra. Both science highly regards the points mentioned above. I strongly advise one should consider how things are placed in ones house/plot or office. If design is as per this sure to bring bring health, wealth, fame and fearless nature.
There are lots of other points that needs to be considered to make a perfect home and that requires proper study of ones house. But above highlights can surely be considered without going much into detail study.
Lord Shiva Image: images
Lord Vishnu Image: images
Goddess Durga Image: images

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