Geopathic Stress!!!

Geo Pathic Stress Note - MSGeo Pathic Stress Note - Further StudyHere I am publishing my small write up about Geopathic stress and studies done by few institute and their conclusions.
Here are notes on research carried out by institute and some of the results and conclusion.

Geopathic Stress A Possible Hidden Cause of Accidents!
It is concluded that the consideration of Geopathic stress must be a part of the preliminary for planning and designing of roadways, railways, also for town planning and other infrastructural development. 
Public places such as schools, hospitals, offices etc. must be checked for Geopathic Stress before construction and if possible such places must be avoided otherwise Treated for. 
Dwelling in Geopathic Stress zone should be avoided as it may lead to perilous diseases. 
Thus, Geopathic Stress is one of the significant aspects to be considered for safe and sustainable development.

Geopathic stress affects the soil and changes the properties of soil.
Road pavement get distressed and cracks may get developed in the Geopathic Stress zone.
Geopathic stress zone is responsible for occurrence of road accident in the built environment since it increase the reaction time of drivers.
Skin resistance, systolic and diastolic blood pressure is getting affected due to the presence of Geopathic Stress zone.
Geopathic stress affects each and every part of the built environment hence is the
REAT’ to the built environment.
Effect of geopathic stress on human heart rate and blood pressure :
Conclusion The significant difference in the physical parameters noticed lead to the conclusion that the GS zone exerted different influence on the normal functioning of the human body especially changes in BP and HR. The common effects of GS zone observed includes feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, headaches, tingling in arms and legs etc. depending upon age group. As a result, different retardation of immune system and other organ may occur. Though GS doesn’t cause any serious illness, it can be predicted that it may lower immune system and one’s ability to fight off virus and bacteria. The scientific basis of the conclusion is explored in this paper. In the present study, the candidates were exposed to GS zone for 20 minutes. However, it is felt that for further study of effect of GS zone on people, they may be exposed for a longer duration to the GS zone say 6-8 hours(especially during sleeping period). This will also help in arriving at a better conclusion. By generating a larger data base, studies as regards establishing the co-relation between the various parameters await further research.
Effect of geopathic stress zone on human body voltage and skin resistance
RESULTS AND DISCUSSION It is seen that the energy emitted by the earth at specific surface locations, affects the normal human body voltage and skin resistance. It is observed that on geopathic stress zone, the body voltage increases and skin resistance decreases as compared to the non- geopathic stress zone. As per Dr. Apter, if tone of GSR unit gets increased then skin resistance gets decreased, this means that the person becomes upset or agitated. It can be said that the human body is affected adversely by the geopathic stress zone. One of the arguments may be that as age increases, the effect of the geopathic stress zone also causes changes in the human electrical system. This may be one of the causes for induction of degenerative diseases like heart attack, cancer, etc as the age increases.

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