Important points to remember while Sleeping – as per Vastu

While sleeping it is very important the direction your head should point to as per Vastu. Our bodies have a positive north- and negative south-charged pole – blood cells carries the charge. It is best to avoid sleeping with our heads directed north because, as with a magnet, the two positive poles repel each other. Sleeping with the head towards the west is also not so advisable.

Keeping your head in South direction brings your body in sync with magnetic pole or cycle of earth which creates positive rhythm which helps in getting sound sleep and increases well being prosperity. Some also claims to increase wealth.

For children it is recommended sleeping with your head resting in the east enhances memory, health and spiritual inclination so it is often advised for children.

Summary while sleeping make sure of following:

  1. Head towards south
  2. Avoid your feet facing the door – directly
  3. Do not hang photo which displays sorrows such as loved ones or animal barking, skull etc…
  4. Avoid mirrors and televisions… Having mirrors with your body reflections causes back-ache and I have experienced this personally as well within my circle. Television encourages dreams and reduces silent sleep
  5. Aquariums
  6. Bed should be at least 2-3 feet above ground level and open from underneath
  7. Avoid iron beds as well as soft mattresses
  8. No electrical points near your head…
  9. After waking please put your right foot first on the floor, also true while wearing a shoe.

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