Janmashtami Special

It is believed that certain pooja, Jap performed on this day brings immense positive results – especially prosperity.
Jap one Mala of following Mantra tomorrow at night time during good Muhurut (10:44 PM to 24:09 AM).
One has to place 10 Rs coin next to Shri Krishna photo and offer desi ghee diya n dhoop yellow flower. One can offer prasadam of yellow or white color.
Note: Make sure to wash coin with pure water or Ganga Jal and cow milk (unboiled).
Mantra to Jap 108 times or one mala:
ओम नमो भगवते श्री गोविन्दाय नमः
Leave coin next to photo till following morning, also make sure Diya has enough ghee to last following morning.
Next day after bathing do prayer and place that 10Rs coin in your wallet or purse. One should Jap one mala every Friday for next 11 Fridays.
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