Lal Kitab Facts: Rashi PHAL and Grah PHAL GRAH

Not many people know about Lal Kitab, but for people who are into Mystic consultations knows about this and many practices.
Lal Kitab known for speedy results providing right consultation is given.
One of the Fact about Lal Kitab is that there are two types of GRAH for each individual

  1. RASHI PHAL Grah – This is the GRAH associated with the day person is born on. So for someone born on Sunday will have SURYA (SUN) as their Rashi Phal GRAH.
  2. GRAH PHAL Grah –  This is the GRAH associated with the time person is born on. So someone born between say 10 AM to 11 AM will have CHANDRA (Moon) as their GRAH Phal Grah.

Now the interesting fact is that there are remedies done for RASHI Phal GRAH will bring results but remedies done for GRAH Phal Grah will have no results.  GRAH Phal GRAH is associated with your KARMA and one has to bear the fruit of KRAMAS. So if someone gives you remedies for CHANDRA (Moon) in this example will have no effect.
If you wish to know your RASHI PHAL and GRAH PHAL GRAH then drop me an email.
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