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There are 1000s of articles available on internet about how to remove negative energies but one should understand how negative energies gets generated at first place. Here are some of the main causes for negative energies.
Many people might not believe but there are good energies as well as bad energies in the world. When negative/bad energies are at peak, once decision making is greatly disturb and end up taking bad decisions even though person knows its a wrong decision. In order to attract good luck, love, prosperity and monetary benefits, people place various kinds of objects and amulets in the house at different places. However, there are times when certain objects attract bad and negative energy and they co-exist with the ones which emanate positive energy. This can lead to interference of energy in the house and the positive energy might not be able to show its effects.
Mentioned below are some objects which are believed to interfere with the flow and balance of energy in the home:

  1. Cracked dishes: It’s believed that dishes symbolize wealth and family, so eating from a cracked plate or drinking from a chipped mug could “subconsciously welcome troubles and failures into your life” .
  2. Cactus: Feng shui experts believe that prickly/thorny plants(with the exception of roses) bring negative energy and bad luck into your home.
  3. Black: A dark coat of paint might look polished, but according to the Chinese tradition, “a black door invites bad luck into your home—but not if your door faces north.”
  4. Broom: Placing broom with bristles pointing upward creates negative energy. Always have broom bristles pointing towards ground.
  5. Gifts: There are many times when a person who does not like us much is compelled to give something to us for some reason. It is recommended to keep such objects away from home. Also refrain from keeping things given by a person with whom your relation ended on a bitter note and in a traumatic manner. Ensure that these objects are removed from the house. You can give it to someone else or even donate them.
  6. Broken Utensils: Similar to first point, Broken glasses, crockery, dishes and similar stuff are stashed away somewhere and then forgotten. You might not know but these broken and chapped items attract melancholy, sadness and negativity in the house significantly. Check that the utensils that you have in your kitchen are in perfectly good condition. There should be no cracks, stains and breaks in the utensils. If something breaks by chance, it is better to dispose off the same. If that is not possible, at least try to get some repair work done so that the utensil looks whole.
  7. Dead and dried flowers or artificial plants: If you love flowers and keep them in pots and vases inside the house, there are certain things which you must keep into consideration. See that the flowers and the plants do not wilt or dry up. Usually people do not notice and dead and dry flowers remain in vases particularly in the sideways. The same thing is applicable for plastic plants and flowers too. Since there is no life in these flowers and plants, they hamper the energy flow in the room and have negative influence on energy balance in home. There are some flowers like carnations which should not be put inside homes. They are regarded to bring in bad luck.

There are many such items – such as broken mirrors, thorny plants, torn old clothes, junk items, keeping scary pictures in premises or having tattoos, dead animal skins, clocks/watches in not working conditions, too much of bickering between members of family are few reasons that generates negative energies. Negative energies attract us towards taking wrong decision even though you know its wrong decision. Also, anti elements within premises causes negative energies. 

How to remove Negative energies: I highly recommend following remedies whether you have negative energy or not. This is highly effective method.

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Rohitt Shah (B. Eng., CSM)
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu, Lal Kitab and iBazi consultant




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