Mystic Solutions: Success Stories

 Client Based in USA:
Client from USA shares her experience of Numerology consultancy provided by Mystic Solutions, lady lost her job few years back and been jobless since. She has spent $100s if not 1000s of Dollar for Vastu consultancy and other means but resulted in not much changes but got new problems.  She got in touch with me through my blog and engaged my Numerology consultancy, did her Numerology report, suggested few remedies like change of her name, few changes in house and Mantra to chant. Post making changes very next day she got a Job interview and within 4 days job offer. She ordered Numerology for rest of her families and brothers’ new born child.
Client Based in USA:
This client had engaged many Vastu experts but have had no success bur rather have had more problems. Finally, as final shot she contacted me. First step is to remove all possible changes suggested by previous consultants. I started doing step by working through problem priorities. Took me couple of months to complete Vastu changes without demolition and success was for her to enjoy. She engaged me to do another case of her brother back in India.
Client Based in Chandigarh:
Client owns Sweet shop but was running in loss, short temperament. Engaged my Vastu consultation. Carried out simple changes like re-arranging furniture, placing Red bulb 24X7, fixing of cooking area with right marble color, virtual cut to extension, closed off wrong entry and opening new virtual entry. [Virtual means drawing particular colour strip across floor or on skirting]. Also added Helix to enhance particular zones for positive energies. After a 15 days client daughter writes me that “dad is very calm and happy, business is making profit and now planning to open new sweet shop.”
Client Based in Pune:
Renowned Top End Sweet shop engaged my Vastu consultation for their new shop opening near M G Road. I carried out basic layout for the shop – aka where to place what function of sweet shop., locating right entry, stair case design, cooking range placement, Display Units, Virtual closing of SW entry. Sitting arrangements of customers, colour management etc…
Post opening of this shop – client has open new shops at Viman Nagar, Aundh and now shifting Baner outlet to better and bigger place. I will be providing Vastu consultation to their new Baner outlet – work to start in 10 days.
Client Based in France:
Client was on contract work but was worried of losing job due to recession. She reached out to me for Numerology based consultation. Designed her Numero report and suggested to change her name as per her date of birth, wear particular colour clothes, bracelets and follow lucky name, numbers and dates. Soon she found new Job opening in same company and it was permanent position. She followed my advice given in report and got the job. Since then she bought herself own new flat as well as ask me to do numerology report for her whole family – 6 members in family.
Client’s sister who been looking for new job for a while – also got new job after following my Numerology report.
Client Based in Pune:
Client’s 10 lacs rupees was stuck since past 2 years with friend and was struggling to find suitable marriage partner. I suggested Vastu correction in his flat and Numerology report. Post making vastu correction and Numero report client got all his money as well as got married.
Client Based in Pune:
Newly married couple having relationship issues, lady feels being haunted. Simple vastu correction and wearing of gemstone pendant issue got resolved. They are blessed with Child. Also did Vastu of new food joint they open. This client been consulting me since past 4+ years.
Client Based in Gujarat:
Close friend was having serious marital problem. By simply solving their SW direction vastu they are back together and blessed with Child.
Client Based Gujarat:
Father was being criticised by family for not finding right partner for Son who is highly educated. Father asked me for Vastu consultation – within 2 months times Son is engaged and marriage is happening in Feb’19. Also, family relations have improved drastically.
Client Based in Pune:
Found Vastu perfect flat at posh locality in Pune market Yard area, also installed basic remedies to enhance zonal energies. Since moving into this new flat client has prosperous further with increase in Business, Bought land across Pune, Children are doing good in studies.
Client Based in Thane:
This client and family living in 1 Bedroom flat with multiple Vastu defects such as big cracks on walls, one portion of slab has big levelling issues, anti colours across flat. Family health issues, business not doing great at all, worried about children. Suggested quick remedies as temporary measures without doing any civil work, results are observed. As flat was already too small for 5 member family and building it self is 30+ years old so I suggested to look for new flat in newer constructions as this flat requires lots of civil work.
Client Based in Gujarat:
Doctor moved to new clinic. Designed new 600+ Sq FT doctors clinic based on Vastu principles. Clinic is performing very well, addition of many NRI clients.
Many such examples where clients have seen positive results; post following Vastu, Astro-Vastu and Numerology consultations. If you believe in this ancients tried and tested science then results are there to be seen and experienced without any questions.
Worked on many more projects such as:

  • Selecting New house from Vastu and Numerology perspective
  • Design of New Dental Clinic, Commercial Office, Realtors, Shopping complex layout, Residential Development, Teaching institute, Show room, Food joint
  • Selecting Business name, Design of Logo based on Numerology
  • Opening up new opportunities – like Job, Business
  • Increased sales by 50%
  • Health Issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Lack of support from team
  • Many case studies/success stories are posted on Blog page.
  • It’s Time to Change Your Destiny.

Rohitt Shah (B. Eng., CSM)
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu, Lal Kitab and iBazi consultant


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