Navratri: Asthami Day Special

Today is 8th Day of Navratri or called Asthami. Very special day. Here are some of the amazing TIP that one should try for prosperity, removal of Evil eyes OR Negative Energies.

  1. Laghu Shankh/Shankhu:

Other name of Laghu Shankhu is Moti Shankh, it is believed that this Shankhu is dear to Maa Laxmi. Here is the Image of Laghu Shankhu.
The ancient text “Brahmaveivart Puraann” highlights the different forms of Goddess Lakshmi. It is described that Soubhaagya Lakshmi, who brings good luck, is present in Moti Shankh OR Laghu Shankhu. In other words if  one have a Moti Shankh at home the Goddess shall ever bless you with fortune. The Jain Tantra describes Padamavati Sadhana in great detail. In this sect, Lakshmi is worshipped in the form of Padamavati and Moti Shankh forms an important part of many Padamavati Sadhanas.


For Prosperity/Wealth:

It is believed that that on the day of Navratri Asthami (Today 17th Oct 2018) OR on Guru Pushp Nakshtra doing following rituals can bring prosperity and Wealth.
Procedure: After taking bath, wear fresh cloth for Pooja: You will need one Laghu Shankhu, Rice (full/whole Grain not half or damaged Rice grains), flowers (Red, Orange, Yellow), Roli (KumKum) OR best would be Asthgandha, Dhup and Diya. Sphatik Mala (see pic).
Take Laghu Shankhu, cleanse it with Ganga Water and place it on Red/White cotton cloth at your home temple or in NE direction. Do tilak of Kumkum (Roli) or Ashthgandha); Offer Dhoop, Diya and flowers. Chant 108 times (use Sphatik Mala) following Mantra, at each mantra offer 1 whole grain of Rice to Laghu Shankhu.


ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं दरिद्राय विनाशिनेधन धान्य समृद्धि देहि देहि नमः.

||Om Shreem Hreem Daaridray Vinaashinye Dhan Dhaanya Smriddhi Dehi Dehi Namah||

OR Other Mantra:

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महा- लक्ष्मये नमः


Do above mentioned rituals for 11 days. On 11th Day, wrap the cloth and place it in Money Safe or Cash Box or at home temple. Placing this shell at home or in one’s shop or place of work is a sure way to remove all financial problems and become rich and prosperous. This Laghu shankh banishes poverty and boosts one’s profits in business.

Other Rituals that can also be beneficials:

Keeping this shell at home in one’s place of worship helps one gain the blessing of the Goddess Laxmi.
1. Early in the morning take some water in the shell and pour it into a bucket of water. Bathe with this water. This shall bring you good luck and fame.
2. A person wishing for wealth and riches in life should surely try this Sadhana. Placing this shell at home or in one’s shop or place of work is a sure way to remove all financial problems and become rich and prosperous.

Health Benefits of Laghu Shankhu:

  1. Store some water overnight in this shell and the next morning rub the water on your skin. This cures all skin problems. S
  2. Store water in the shell for 12 hours. Then rub it on white spots on the skin. Do this regularly. After some days the white spots shall disappear and healthy skin shall reappear.
  3. At night fill the shell with water and in the morning add some rose water to it. Then wash your hair with the mixture. This shall keep the hair black and healthy. The hair of the eyebrows and the beard too could be turned black thus.
  4. If you suffer from stomach related problems, then early in the morning drink a spoonful of water kept in the shell for 12 hours. This shall cure the problem.

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