New Digital Age and Impact on Vastu

One would have never thought of Digital gadgets can also create Vastu Dosha, brings positive or Negative effects to personal lives and/or in business.
As per my Guru Dr Bansal and his case studies proves that digital gadgets can have big impacts and need to ensure perfect place.
Here are the list of some.problems due to Digital gadgets.
Controlling leakages in your busines

  • Avoiding departmental problem.
  • Continues cash flow, growth in business and profits by placing CCTV in right zone
  • Controlling leakages in your business
  • Accessing vital or sensitive information/ data
  • Making money through speculation
  • Funding start-ups
  • Efficient marketing
  • Payment recovery by arrangement of applications on home screen of your mobile phone
  • Ideal zone for charging your mobile phone
  • How power bank can bring and provide much needed support
  • Charging mobile in right zone will add further growth, connection.
  • How to use router or speaker for better prospects.

Many more such small change or addition can bring right results.
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