Numerology Tip: Do you want the favor from someone – Follow this…!!!

The Name Number Technique ensures success:

In Numerology consultation I give lucky numbers based on date of birth; which works in your favour. Recently did for a client where he wanted to get order from his client but was least optimistic to get it. So I advised client to set those two clients names to the his lucky number.


1. One client placed the order within 3 days, full payment made.
2, Second client placed order after 10 days and agreed to go with it and also ready for anything extra is needed.
The power of Numbers. Set the concern person from who you need favour either getting order, get contract sign, application approval, bank loan, or not giving your money back and what not… set as per your favourite Numbers and see magic happening. No harm in trying.

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Please do note that remedies works best if you follow the remedies based upon your  own date of birth.


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