Numerology Tip: Whats in store for you in Year 2019

Find out what to expect in Year 2019:

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Year 2019 = 3: Year of Jupiter – Biggest planet of all, so expect big things – money, opportunities, growth. In general good year for everyone. But Excellent year for person with No 3,6 & 9 or personal year 3,6 & 9 of age total comes to 3,6 & 9. Best for Banking, Auto, Occult, Stock Mkt and for people if Business. Best for India as well as China.

Read through attached document to find out how your year 2019 is looking up to. Before you open the document, you need to work out your personal Year… here is how you calculate/find your  personal Year:

How to Calculate/Find your Personal Year for 2019:

In order to find your Numerology Personal Number/Year you need to do the following calculations:

  • Add your Birth Date + Birth Month + 3 (3 is the universal number for the year 2019)
  • Reduce the result to a single digit into a number between 1 and 9
  • For example, if you are born on the 22nd March, then to calculate PY for year 2019 — 22+03+3 (2019) = 28 – (2+8) = 1
  • So, your personal number for 2019 is 1.
  • Second example: if you are born on 11th October then PY is à 11+10+2019 = 2040=2+0+4+0= 6; your personal year in 2019 will be 6.

OPEN THIS PDF file to know how your year 2019 going to be: –> MYSTIC SOLUTIONS – Numerology – Whats in store for you in Year 2019

As with all free prediction that are general in nature but if you wish to have more personalised reading then order your own numerology reading with remedies. This will ensure you success even during tough time, one has to follow given simple remedies truthfully.

For your own Numerology Consultation call : Vastu Acharya Rohitt Shah


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NOTE: One need to ensure that they locate the direction accurately for tips to work. We work on 16 zones (directions) so make sure you plot the direction accurately.
16 Zones (directions): NorthNorth of NE, North-East(NE)East of NE EastEast of SESouth-East (SE)South of SESouthSouth of SWSouth-West (SW)West of SWWestWest of NWNorth-West (NW)North of NW.
Each zone carries its own attributes, colours, patterns and associations with 5 elements (Water, wood, Fire, Earth and Space).
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