Secrets: Where LaxmiJi Resides

Here is the collection of secret points which ensures that LaxmiJi, the Goddess of Wealth, stays with family and one does not become penniless. These secrets are mentioned in old vedic Hindu scriptures. See attached picture for these secrets.
If you follow mentioned steps and by having other Mystic items in house one can attract more wealth in house. Few of those items which are very close and dear to LaxmiJi:

  1. Kaudi
  2. Sevan Wood
  3. Yantras
  4. Placing Kuber statue in North
  5. Placing LaxmiJi photo in SE direction
  6. Keep Kaudi, Pearl, piece of Sevan wood, Sri Yantra etc… in Safe attracts money.
  7. One can also place Tortoise as well as Laughing Buddha. Make sure of correct placement.

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