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Fengshui Cure – with BaGua Mirror

If your house or business suffering from negative energy which is not in your control then use this BaGua mirror. In most cases the results are immediate.     Posted with Blogsy

Fengshui Cure – Rock Crystal

Following map will help to highlight possible cures through Rock Crystal. I personally have noticed very positive effects with use of such crystal so sharing info with others who may also benefit from this. There are different types of crystals to be used as per Fengshui elements.     Posted with Blogsy

Power up your wealth sector

Ten symbols to power up your wealth sector. Ten Contemporary Wealth Symbols 1. JADE PLANT OR MONEY TREE A jade plant symbolizes strength with large, heart-shaped leaves whereas the money tree boasts succulent, rounded leaves. Both are excellent for energizing the wealth sector. 2. SIX CYLINDER WIND CHIME The sound waves created by wind chimes …

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