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As per Lal Kitab each GRAHA (STAR) have specific effect during particular age of of the person. For an example from birth to at the age of 6 Years – influence of Saturn (Shani) remains, so either there will be good or bad effect of Saturn (SHANI) till the person reaches age of 7. The bad or good effect of that particular GRAHA OR Star depends on placement of that particular Graha/Start in persons Janam or Lagan Kundali based on Lal Kitab principles.

Here is the table that highlights at what age which GRAHA or STAR will be active.

GRAHA / STAR 1st Phase 2nd Phase 3rd Phase 4th Phase
SHANI/ Saturn 1-6 Yrs 36-41 Yrs 71-76 Yrs 106-111 Yrs
RAHU/ Uranus 7-12 Yrs 42-47Yrs 77-82 Yrs 112-117 Yrs
KETU / Neptune 13-15 Yrs 48-50 Yrs 83-85 Yrs 118-120 Yrs
GURU/ Jupiter 16-21 Yrs 51-56 Yrs 86-90 Yrs
SURYA/ Sun 22-23 Yrs 57-58 Yrs 91-93Yrs
CHANDRA/ Moon 24 Yrs 59 Yrs 94 Yrs
SUKRA / Venus 25-27 Yrs 60-62 Yrs 95-97 Yrs
MANGAL / Mars 28-33 Yrs 63-68 Yrs 98-103 Yrs
BUDH / Mercury 34-35 Yrs 69-70 Yrs 104-105Yrs

Many would have questions on how would I know if I am having Good or Bad effect of the particular Graha – well one way is to have Lal Kitab Kundali or another easy way is look at the age bracket you are currently in and see how things been going since the change of Graha… if things been going good means you are having positive effects/results of that particular Graha. For an example since reaching age of 25 years things are going great, lots of entertainment, great social connections, bought luxury items etc… means you are having positive effects of SUKRA / VENUS. If no positive effects then one can opt for treating bad effect of SUKRA OR VENUS.

I will be publishing more facts on Lal Kitab in near future.





Shani-arti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The bad effects of Dhaiya of Saturn can be reduced with the help of Pooja, Mantras, Gemstones and Charities.


Shani Mantra is very effective during Sade SAATI – see Nav Graha blog for mantra. Also burning ( south direction) a oil (sesame) lamp every morning after bath is effective.


Mantras for Lord Shani or Saturn


English: World Famous Lord Shani Dev Idol at S...

English: World Famous Lord Shani Dev Idol at Shani Temple, Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Beeja Mantra of SaturnAum śam śanaiścārāya namah


  • Mantra Japa for Shani Sade Sati Aum prām prīm praum śanaiścārāya namah


  • Ekadashakshari Hanuman Mantra – Aum ham rudrāya hanumate namah


  • Lord Shani Mantra –


  1. Niilaambujasamaabhaasam raviputram yamaagrajam Chaayaamaartandasambhuutam tam namaami shanaishacaram
  2. Om Shaanaishcaraaya namah


Other remedies


  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa 3 times a day or
    Hanuman Temple Chalisa Audio

    Hanuman Temple Chalisa Audio (Photo credit: HostingCoupons)

    one time in a day but you must do.

  • Wear ring in middle finger made of horse-shoe – should be worn on Auspicious day after chanting Shani mantra for 108 time.


The Effect of “Sade-Sati” remain for seven and a half years and that Of “Daiya” remains for two and a half years.


This generally Effects health, mental peace and finance.




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