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Here is the video on Vastu Tips.

Collection of amazing tried and tested Vastu Tips for you to use. Please note that Tips will only work if you are able to locate the zone correctly as well as the zone should be balanced. Also ensure that no anti element is present in that particular zone.
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Here is the basic 9 directions, associated color, its main attributes along with creative, exhaustive and destructive cycles. Use this principle to check basic Vastu of house, office, factory etc… if one notices mis-match of color/objects, activities etc… then check symptoms (example business not doing well, relationship issue, no new opportunities or staff unrest etc…) and treat them to come out of crisis.
Pls note: This is basic checks and may not result into exact desire results.

There are more colours of same family associated with each directions… for example Black, Aqua etc… are also associated with North directions. Continue reading

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