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Since long time I been working on Numerology especially name change and what it means in terms of becoming brand, prosperous etc… Here I am listing (Table at the end) some of world famous brand, names as well as some local Pune based.
Lets understand the characteristics of each numbers – not a full list.
Number 1 – Sun is the ruler of this number. A good name number gives power and luck to the native. This name number is perfect for a business man or someone into the service industry. It gives good leadership qualities and excellent self control as well. This number can be used by everyone except for people having problems in relationships with their partners.
Number 2 – Moon rules this number. A creative field have this name number. It gentleness and peace loving. It is best for liquid business. Also good for Pharma business.
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Number 7: Innovative, creative, understands needs of people and future, sets new trend/bench mark (Apple, Samsung, JIO etc are prime examples) for rest to follow. Avoid total of number coming to 7. Company listed below under No 7 only last one has total of 34.
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Remember there are other factors plays an important role… one of them is how you write/display, colours you use etc…
Some of the Name change done and company flourished 

  • Haldiram became Haldiram’s
  • Raymond’s became Raymond
  • Ajay Devgan  became Ajay Devgn
  • Irfan Khan Became Irrfan
  • Rakesh Roshan’s movies starts with “K” so as Ekta Kapoor’s
  • Salman Khan releases his movie (and trailer) on 3, 6 or 9.

Below name might be coincident but new name did the trick for them…

  • BackRub became Google
  • Sound of Music became Best Buy
  • Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo became Sony
  • Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike

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