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Vastu Tip:

Improper position of the bedroom/ bed/ dressing table brings unhappiness in the married life and causes disturbed sleep. A properly placed round mirror and cordial paintings etc. in the bedroom can enhance your relationship. 
A wall poster having mountains/ snow-clad peaks of Himalayas/ Alps etc. on South-West wall can add immense strength and stability in the life

Rohitt Shah (Vastu Acharya – Numero Vastu Guru)
Mahavastu, Numerology, Bazi and Lal Kitab Consultant
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NOTE: One need to ensure that they locate the direction accurately for tips to work. We work on 16 zones (directions) so make sure you plot the direction accurately.
16 Zones (directions): North, North of NE, North-East(NE), East of NE, East, East of SE, South-East (SE), South of SE, South, South of SW, South-West (SW), West of SW, West, West of NW, North-West (NW), North of NW. Each zone carries its own attributes, colours, patterns and associations with 5 elements (Water, wood, Fire, Earth and Space).
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